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Thank you!!!!!

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Brain waves are a measure of your concentration and other brain functions, not a cause of it. Somehow doing something that increases brain wave activity doesn't actually mean you're concentrating better.

To prepare for exams, make sure you study early, and get plenty of water and sleep.

Drinking an 8oz glass of ice-cold water theoretically burns about 8 calories in heating that up to body temperature.

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I had to go on youtube to try to understand your question. I found lots of different videos that say that they have skills that "might" help improve concentration.

I don't know which video you watched. If you're just trying to learn how to be more focused when you study, you'd be surprized to learn that regular exercise helps increase neural function. When we exercise that increases blood flow through our entire body. So, if you want to help increase brain cells, engage in some regular exercise.

Other studies have shown that your diet impacts neural functions. What you eat effects how you think. So, if you eat crap, you're going to feel like crap. When you feel like crap, you can't focus. Eating too much sugar can not only cause a spike and crash of our blood sugar, it can cause serious mood swings. So, if you find yourself drifting while you study, lay off any sugary treats. And definitely avoid those highly caffeinated energy drinks.

I know lots of college students are drinking them for the energy rush, but Red Bull, Monster, etc... aren't healthy. Being over caffeinated will ruin your brain. The fact is, if you eat a healthy diet that will help you think more clearly. And there are lots of studies that will back that up.

So, if you want to be able to focus and concentrate more clearly, get some regular exercise, eat a wholesome diet and avoid the energy drinks. And when you have time, do some puzzles. Keeping your brain constantly stimulated will help improve its function.

You could take a yoga class to start learning how to meditate. there have been many studies that have linked regular meditation to improved brain function.

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I read about brain waves that they help in increasing your concentration. There are many videos on you tube. I wanted to know if they really help or damage the brain? I am preparing for some very important exams coming up. Also, Can they help in weight loss?

I also read an article that said drinking ice cold water burns more calories. Is it true?

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