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11/22/11 12:14 P

Thanks Trimlaw anad Dmjakes for your response and advice.

I guess I will start with the food tracking. I was trying to bite off more than I could chew by coming up with a perfect plan, etc. Now I think I will just start off tracking the food and seeing how many calories I am taking in and then work from there.

Trim, I tried creating a Spark Page, not quite sure if I did it or not and not quite sure how to use it. I do work with computers but I'm not that great with these forums, I guess emoticon

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11/22/11 8:39 A

I agree with the suggestion of learning to use the food tracker first. It is kind of a time-consumer at first, but if you make use of the favorites and food group options, it will get much quicker over time, especially if you eat a lot of the same things like I do. As you track, patterns will begin to come to light, and the next steps you should take will become very apparent. Some examples might be.....not to skip meals, pack and bring healthy snacks, cut down sodium, increase fiber or protein, etc.

Be sure to set up your info and goals on your start page, and Spark will set a range for you. You can do this, and you are worth the investment!

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11/20/11 10:04 A

Also, create a spark page (really easy!). I tried to send you a SparkGoodie (virtual gift) and found out I would have to go to your page to do so. Have a fabulous day!

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11/20/11 9:53 A

Tia: First off, Welcome! I have been on the site (off and on) for a while. It helps me to track everything I eat to lose weight so that's where I started. I got used to tracking my food and then started tracking my fitness. I then go to my Sparkpoints, get my log in points and then keep returning to my sparkpoints to see where I can get more points. I've learned that while I'm accumulating points, I'm learning along the way. I like to read the inspirational quotes and stories of other people and spend time in the areas that I need to on that given day. For example, if I'm feeling down, I'll search for "feeling down" in the search box and connect with other people that have conquered that issue. I think you would be hard pressed to find an issue that someone else hasn't dealt with. It also helps to join a small team of people that have something in common with you. There are thousands of teams, some large some small. Good luck and let me know if you'd like to connect on a regular basis and be buddies to hold each other accountable. Melissa

11/18/11 1:33 P

i am in a real funk here and need someone to help guide me out. i think this site could be helpful but am overwhelmed by all the info on it and cant quite wrap my mind around how i should use it.

i welcome any help on how to get myself from where i am (so down physcially and emotionally) to where i should be.

looking to turn this emoticon emoticon into emoticon emoticon


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