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4/15/13 5:24 P

"What do you think of book series'? Are they worth it? "

I have read and enjoyed many book series. There are positives and negatives.

greater character development and world building
safe book choice if you have limited time or money- if you like book 1, then you will likely enjoy book 2

Sometimes a series drags on for too long and starts to lose what made you like it in the first place
Sometimes there will be a very long wait for the next book to come out in the series and it can be hard to stay interested

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4/15/13 2:33 P

Definately worth it. I love having something to look forward to when I am getting close to the end.

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4/15/13 2:28 P

Harry Potter is one of the greatest series of all time! For a very long time I dismissed it as "childish" "stupid" and "juvenile" until I finally read it. I was blown away. It has become one of my most loved series of books. Some other great ones..

1. Stephanie Plum by Janet Evanovich - these are hysterical!
2. Hunger Games
3. Kate Burkholder series by Linda Castillo
4. Sookie Stackhouse
5. Lord of the Rings
6. Dragonlance (if you like Lord of the Rings type books, you would adore these)

I could go on and on, but those are some of my faves off the top of my head

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Posts: 802
4/15/13 1:54 P

I enjoy book series. After a while, the characters are like old friends. Right now I'm reading the "Outlander" series...outstanding and very imaginative.

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4/15/13 11:21 A

I love book series. And since I mostly only read fantasy (epic, high, urban, and some paranormal romance), almost everything I read is part of some series or another.

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4/15/13 11:17 A

reading a series of books, with characters you really enjoy, gives you more depth and time with the characters.

I love the Stephanie Plum number series (the 'between the numbers' books I've read...not so much)

also John Sanford's Prey books (all have PREY in the title)

DH really liked the Girl w/the Dragon Tattoo books. I know he like the LOTR movies; not sure if he read the books.

although they aren't technically a series, many of Carl Hiaasen's books have recurring characters. I LOVE HIS BOOKS! They may not translate well if you aren't familiar with the US and it's politics, but they are so dryly funny!

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4/15/13 11:01 A

I like series because you get see the characters develop and grow over long periods of time. My favorite series are of the historical fiction genre, especially Tudor history. I enjoy some of the Amish fiction series also.

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4/15/13 9:49 A

I love book series! I have read Harry Potter, Fifty Shades (twice), Twilight (twice) And several others. I also like The Anita Blake series!

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Posts: 19,221
4/15/13 9:45 A

love series. They give you more insight into the characters and the places where the story takes place.

I read the FBI series by Catherine Coulter, Christine Feehan's Dark series, J.R.Ward's the
Brotherhood of the Black Dagger and some mysteries and comedies.

SparkPoints: (76,901)
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Posts: 2,116
4/15/13 9:28 A

I love series because I really like to get to know the character and see strong development over time. I am reading many different series - mystery, humor, young adult - and find that I can take advantage of my library to keep them going.

Posts: 5,070
4/15/13 8:51 A

I wasted my time on the Twilight series (never had a more boring read)
I have read the nancy drew series/hardy boys as a young teen
I read the Outlander series as well-- didn't know she is writing another book.
I read the JD Robb series- In death series
I read the Left Behind Series
I read the Chronicles of Narnia books
I read a couple of the Karen Kingsbury books as well. She has stand alone novels as well as series.

Posts: 11,257
4/15/13 8:47 A

love the suspense series

the best one I have ever read was

also love the books by David Baldacci which feature THE CAMEL CLUB characters
and books by Harlan Coben which feature his key character Myron Bolitar

SparkPoints: (201,761)
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Posts: 11,170
4/15/13 8:29 A

I love to read books in series. I just finished the "Outlander" series and am waiting for the 8th book due out this spring.

SparkPoints: (112,156)
Fitness Minutes: (17,040)
Posts: 5,434
4/15/13 6:04 A

I have several book series, namely :

1) Inheritance
2) How to train your dragon
3) Harry Potter
4) The Spiderwick Chronicles and beyond.

What do you think of book series'? Are they worth it?

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