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1/26/10 10:27 A

It looks like they're running the $199 Bugg and $79 armband special right now. That brings the cost to $278.00 if you buy both.

I think when I bought mine last fall, the Bugg cost $249, but the armband was always keep checking their site for prices. They seem to run various specials all the time.

You can also look for used ones on eBay too.

I fully believe now that I've been using it more regularly, that's why I've started to lose weight again. Knowing how many calories I'm buring (for real!) was a real benefit, plus it's enabled me to enter my own "burn" numbers into Spark instead of using their over-estimated amounts. Now that I've done that, Spark has re-adjusted my calorie intake by almost 200 cals per day. No wonder I was stuck for so long!

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MEMYSELF2011 Posts: 638
1/24/10 6:33 P

Oh, and I want to add -- i know from my Bodybugg that the fitness calculator on this site way overestimates my burn for any given exercise. So it is very useful to see actual burn versus my tracked calories eaten.

MEMYSELF2011 Posts: 638
1/24/10 6:31 P

$335 seems like a lot of money - I know I didn't pay that much for my Bodybugg.

Of course, I don't have the digital display watch -- I don't like the idea of obsessing on a minute-by-minute basis. I upload calorie burn every 3 or 4 days.

Definitely worth the $ for me. Something about seeing the calories burned per day made the logic of calories in versus caloried burned work for me.

1/24/10 4:07 P

I said i would post in a month after using the bodybugg but i have only had it less than a week and i am shocked!!! It is a wakeup call to be sure, i am barely burning 1200 calories on a normal day (no exercise) and i always thought i was moderately active. We have been a little under the weather so today my husband and i took a three mile walk. I was able to see that I burned three hundred calories, but even with that i dont think i will be able to burn enough for a decent calorie deficit (500). All in all i found the bodybugg easy to install, and i am computer illiterate. I did get the digital display also and i think it really helps because you can see with out uploading your info. I am using both spark and their website to log my food, once i have a good handle on it i can simply use one or the other since i have it for twelve months but i agree i wont need to pay for it again. Great tool i highly recommend it!

FUMBLING Posts: 752
1/19/10 1:21 P

I've used my BodyBugg on and off for about 4 months now (and pretty faithfully for the past month) and I've gathered that I'm burning about half of what Spark estimates that I am.

That probably explains why my weight isn't moving as much as I had hoped....if my calorie intake is based on what Spark is estimating that I'm burning, then I should lower my current intake of 1400-1700 to something closer to 1200-1500 that I was eating before.

I've noticed that we can enter the actual calories burned into the Spark fitness tracker, which I'm going to start doing this week. Perhaps once I start doing that, Spark will self-adjust my calorie intake recommendations.

If there are any Spark Coaches out there than can confirm this, I would be eternally grateful.

Side note: To anyone ordering the Bugg from Costco, you will want the armband as well. I almost never log on to their website (even though the first 6 months are free) because it's not very user friendly and it's frustrating when the website won't read the Bugg information--which happens to me quite often. Once my six months of free use are up, I'll have no use for their website and definitely don't see a reason to pay $10/month for it. My favorite feature about the armband is that I can track calories burned during my workouts--if you wear the band all day long without the armband, it will be harder for you to determine how many calories you're burning at a specific time of day. With the armband, it's an instant readout at any time once you set the "trip" view option.

1/18/10 11:26 A

After much research I just ordered the bodybugg from costco online. It is the best price at the moment but they do not sell the digital display. This can be purchased at 24 hour fitness or online and to me is an important piece to have for motivation. I have been on WW, Spark people and my food diary in the past and they all give me terrific calorie counts if I am honest but as to what I am expending I can never tell. I spent three years working with a personal trainer to the tune of 120 bucks aweek and wish that were still possible for me. I still do 5 days of cardio and at least three days of weight training but it is not the same, I am hoping that this gives me the knowledge I need to help get off these 20 pounds. No it's not alot but it is frustrating. I will post again after using it for a month.

1/6/10 3:36 P

I too just purchased a Bodybugg today. I have read the reviews and talked to people that have one and all of them RAVE about it.

You can get one at for $179. This includes a ONE YEAR membership to the online service. This is quite a savings from buying it at 24 hour fitness or another site.

11/17/09 3:42 P

I've never heard of the body bug.

MDYER77 Posts: 2
11/17/09 2:31 P

I am in absolute love with my BodyBugg. After being stalled for almost a year I now have the upper hand on what is going on in my body. I have owned a hr monitor for over two years and in no way did it compare to the BodyBugg. I love the amount of information it gives and the support they have in place for it. emoticon

PAULAJEANNE2015 Posts: 8
5/23/09 4:32 P

I got a BodyBugg about two months after I got gastric bypass surgery. I was stalling and wanted to know why. I thought in my own mind that i was being active enough considering the minimal amount of calories I was actually able to consume daily (approximately 600-800 calories per day).

I was so wrong. The bodybugg gave me something to look at in regards to my BMR. you can do calculations based on heart rate and weight and height and activity level, but with the bodybugg, it was like I was getting a more realistic and accurate calculation of my unique BMR. With the bodybugg and accurate food logging, I can focus on calories in/calories out. Because that's what makes us lose weight, nothing more. you have to burn more than you take in, and if you have no idea how many calories your body burns, at rest, while active, or at all, then it's all a huge guessing game.

I would recommend the BodyBugg to anyone who is looking to concentrate on losing weight by following a calories in/calories out approach. You can get them used for about $200 on ebay, but I chose to buy a new one with the internal rechargable battery. I also chose to buy the watch monitor so that later on, I didn't have to depend on (and pay for) access to the MyApex website just to get the readings off my BodyBugg. With the watch monitor, it communicates with the BodyBugg and will tell you how many calories you have burned. It's also a pedometer and also has a type of trip odometer. you press a button and it will keep a seperate count of calories you are about to burn. This is good for when you go workout so you can know exactly how many calories you burned while doing that exercise. Just press a button when you start, and press a button when you stop.

I was looking on Sparkpeople to see if there was a group who used it, but I've mainly only found a few people. I couldn't be more pleased with mine and i will be using it now, and far off into the future.

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5/13/09 6:43 P

I use the Polar F4 HRM and I love it however, I did consider using the Body Bugg because I can get it at a discounted price through 24Hour Fitness. I have many friends who use it and they all love it and have great success.

My reason for not purchasing the BodyBugg is because I only had about 15 lbs to lose so I did not think it was worth the money for that. If you are trying to lose a lot of weight then I would absolutely say get the Body Bugg. It is everything people say it is and it does work and hold you accountable. Like another poster mentioned previously, SP teaches you to eat and live healthier and the Body Bugg will help you track your calories burned more accurately. You can't go wrong using both.

KISMET Posts: 13
5/13/09 6:12 P

It probably comes down to how much work you want to have to do, DOTSHE. I really love just being able to pop the monitor off, plug it into the USB port, and have all the math figured out for me. For me it was worth the money, but my job leaves me with more money than free time, so YMMV.

DOTSHE Posts: 394
5/10/09 2:02 P

Such different views I had been looking into the body bug and still am wondering if just a heart rate monitor will be just as good with out spending as much money

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5/10/09 1:50 P

This is a great gadget for people with enough money to spend on it and the service. For the rest of us a $25 heart monitor from Target or WalMart works just as well. Yes, you still have to monitor your calorie intake and do the math yourself but hey what's a couple of hundred dollars compared to pushing a few calculator buttons. My point is that you should use what works for you and assists you in your journey. Not everyone needs every tool available. As the French say "Vive la difference!"

KISMET Posts: 13
5/10/09 1:38 P

I got one of these three weeks ago. I was stuck at 175 pounds, working out regularly, following my Sparkpeople calorie intake reasonably closely but not doing perfectly.

I got the bodybugg and immediately figured out the problem. I just wasn't moving enough. The problem is that it's hard to tell what "enough" is without data. I actually got the bugg because I was suspicious about what Spark's database was telling me about how many calories I burn on the elliptical in 42 minutes. Spark said 500. The machine said 220. That's a big difference. The bodybugg measures me burning about 330. I'm a scientist, so I love a real measurement, even if there's a some instrument error built in. Bodybugg says about +/- 10%

Anyway, since getting it, I am down 6.5 pounds, just by maintaining my calorie balance the way they tell you to. Sparkpeople trained me to be accountable about food, now I can be accountable about calories burned, too.

So: is it worth the money? I bought the bugg and the clip on monitor. If it gets these last 20-25 pounds off, it will end up costing about $15 per pound. I would say, since some of those are pounds that have been on me since I was a child and I'm now 40, that would be totally worth the money, and I bet it's cheaper than a personal trainer. I have 6 months of free subscription with my purchase but it will be worth the $15/mo later to keep the weight off, I think.

Does it work? So far yes, very well.

Unlike what Coach Dean says above, you are responsible for inputting your food and counting calories. But, they also do give you an estimate of calories eaten based on your measured calories burned and measured weight loss. You have access to look at it both ways. If the two numbers are really out of whack you know to be more careful with your food tracking, that's all. My deficit based on food tracking is always less than my deficit based on weight loss so far, so I haven't felt like it's a problem.

TERESA6521 Posts: 20
3/1/09 9:48 A

I'm currently looking into buying a BodyBugg. I work full-time in a factory pushing heavy tanks and doing a lot of physical labour. I was wondering if this would work to tell me how many calories I burn doing my job. They have them on e-bay for a fraction of the costs that everyone is talking about on here and I have to get a subscription of my own. I agree with everyone else and think that its just an extra push and with sparks I'm hoping to reach my goal.

1/23/09 5:48 P

Hi Everyone,
I am a recent purchaser of the Bodybugg and I just wanted to say that I completely agree with Loupuzzle and the post previous to that one. The Bodybugg, for me, was a real eye opener and something that I really needed. It really holds me accountable to exercising and tracking my calorie intake. I'm not using it to replace sparkpeople, but use it in addition to sparkpeople. I love that it makes my weight loss a total numbers game and I become competitive with my previous days.

1/19/09 12:52 A

I actually found out about this website from the 24 Hour Fitness website after I bought the Bodybugg.

I have had different pedometers for a few years, and also tried a heart monitor. What can I say? I love gadgets.

I have only had the Bodybugg for a week, but I can say that I'm more motivated and more accountable than I have ever been in my life. For me it is a combination of knowing exactly how many calories I have used in a day and being able to enter my daily menu in a quick and easy way. In the past, not knowing how many calories I burn has been a huge demotivator...especially when I would spend endless time on the treadmill and then GAIN weight the next day. Ugh. I know there is fluctuation, but using this device and telling myself "it's math, not magic" has kept me on point better than I've ever experienced before.

There is a watch-like device that I also bought, so that I could see throughout the day where my stats were. Until the end of January, I think, 24 Hour Fitness is doing a deal for $249 for both and 6 months free of the online service. From what I've found, that's a pretty good deal.

I may get tired of it in the next 6 months, of course, but I feel that time gives me a very adequate chance to evaluate how useful it is. At this moment I believe it is the best money I've ever spent towards a healthier life...and sadly, I have spent lots before.

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1/11/09 8:50 P

I am a newbie here and just had to post about the BodyBugg.

I have been using the BodyBugg for 4 weeks now, and I love it! The new version 3 Bodybug is currently on sale for $249 and the digital display and 6 months subscription to the web site is included! (See the 24 hr fitness web site). I have used both the V2 BodyBugg and I now am the proud owner of the V3 BodyBugg. And, it is now compatible with the MAC!

The BodyBugg is truly a weight management system whereby you can track calories expended, a web site to track your food calories; there are graphs, recommended exercises, measurement input, etc. A pedometer is included on the Bodybugg, reminders can be set on the BodyBugg, and yes, the digital display can be used without the subscription to the website (so that you can see the calories expended; and steps in real time -- you do not have to hook up to the internet).

I can't begin to tell you how helpful this tool has been. I now know exactly how many calories I burn when I am sleeping, reading, exercising, houseworking, walking, playing, relaxing, eating, etc. And, I also now how many calories I need to burn based on my caloric intake! The Bodybugg even "chimes" when I have met my calorie expenditure goals -- and after consistently meeting my goal for the first week, I have now increased my calorie expenditure goal!

As SplashofJoy stated, there is a wealth of information on the subscription website -- which is free for the first six months with the new V3 BodyBugg. And, you do enter your DAILY calorie intake -- as in a food diary. If you have the digital display -- it is not neccessary to subscribe to the website and you can thus use any free online food diary. (However, I love the tracking and monitoring system on the website and the graphs and it tells me what I need to do to meet my goals; helps me decipher the many possibilities of why I didn't lose weight and so much more). The system will only figure out your caloric intake if you choose for it to do so -- for example if you forgot what you ate during the week. As an example, the BodyBugg also has a memory for up to two weeks; so if you are on vacation for two weeks but did not keep up with your food intake; then an option would be to let the system figure out your intake based on the numbers you input. It's a good thing to have as in the example above.

The digital display can be worn as a watch or worn as an attachment to the BodyBugg armband, your work-out outfit, jeans, shirt, waistband, etc. The display provides virtual real time as to how many calories you are burning, how many steps you have taken; has a clock; displays your goal steps; your goal calorie expenditure, etc. It even shows the previous days' calories you expended, etc. I can know what exercises or activitys burns the most calories within a certain timeframe and how much calories are burned.

The BodyBugg encourages me to meet my goals -- i.e., as an example, if I only need to expend 200 additional calories to meet my goal, I can take a walk, get on the treadmill, etc. It is always a fun challenge to meet or even exceed my exercise/calorie expenditure goals! (If you want to lose 1 - 2 pounds per week, your goal is safely set by the system as to how many calories you need to eat and expend per day in order to lose the 1-2 pounds per week!)

I am so excited about the BodyBugg and can go on and on about it; there is so much more than what I've described! Oh, you even have a free 45 minute talk with a trainer. My trainer called me and was so helpful with how I can get the most out of my BodyBugg and my workouts.

Well, now I can visually see and know exactly what I need to do to get where I want to be. Knowing exactly what I need to do takes a big weight off my shoulders and I can now enjoy my journey to weight loss.

I've recommended the BodyBugg to all my friends, and they love it. The BodyBugg is a good thing and has proven to be the right thing for me!


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1/11/09 4:50 P

Coach Nicole:
I'm disappointed in Coach Dean's bash on something he is apparently uninformed about ... by his own admission, he hasn't used one. And you agree with him before you even try it out? What? The system knows how many calories you consume because you enter them! It doesn't guess based on how much you lost. Yes, you have to connect to the online service, and yes, that is a big part of the cost (especially since I got my BodyBugg on eBay for a LOT less than a new one.) But once you do, it gives you a TON of information. You can see a chart that shows your calorie expenditure throughout the day, and it counts your steps and minutes of physical activity. I was surprised to see that a vigerous bout of orange picking burned more calories per minute than my moderate time on the elliptical! Yeah, I had to fight with the trees to get them to give up their fruit, but I would never have guessed it burned more calories than when I was "exercising." As for the ones around the office being hard to set up, they aren't designed to be used by multiple people. And they aren't designed to be only worn during your workout. You put it on and leave it on until you shower (or do water aerobics!) The whole point is to track your calorie expenditure throughout the day. Also, and this may be new since your post - I don't know - but you can get a wrist band that reads the armband and gives you up to the minute results without logging on to the internet. I don't know if it can be used without paying for the internet service or not, and it costs an additional hundred dollars. But I do plan on getting one in about 6 months, so that I can see where I am without having to go log on. All this being said, please reserve your "expert" advice for things you actually know about. Thanks!

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12/29/08 12:21 A

I started using the body bug over a week ago. The human aspect of Spark People is awesome, but I am a visual and number oriented person...Tracking my goals on the bodybugg system gives me a clearer picture and allows me baby steps toward my goal. Considering that it tracks all of my expenditure of calories...I getting a clearer understanding of what works (fitness wise) and what does not.

I eat really healthy, so that was not my was more the physical. The body bugg is actually more accurate to me then my heart monitor...considering that heart monitors can be inaccurate based on your personal heart condition.
I will say, it is also more comfortable than wearing a chest strap..

I just wanted to chime...because I too was on the fence about purchasing it. And although I have been using it just over a week, I am worth the money I spent on it, just this aha moment and the kudos I feel from attaining goals each day.

JANC7223 Posts: 1,433
12/23/08 5:40 P

I think the bodybugg is too expensive. I am looking to buy a heart rate monitor but I haven't decided which one. I swim a lot so I need one that is waterproof. Any suggestions of what works well?

12/23/08 6:37 A

I wanted to update everyone on my newest purchase. I bought the GoWear Fit and started wearing it this past Saturday. I am not a very techie person but I must say that I love seeing which activities expend the most calories. The GoWear Fit only allows you to track calories on three days so I am still using Sparkpeople for the calories eaten tracker which fits me just fine. After reading so many negative reviews about the bodybugg tracker, I decided to stick with what has worked so far (sparkpeople).

MOCHALE SparkPoints: (0)
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11/16/08 6:43 P

We use SenceWare where i work it is another body monitoring system. I like it. It monitors steps, calorie output ( both on an hourly basis),and sleep time vs lying awake time. You do need to enter your diet and do weekly weigh in but it is a good tools.

But I do also push all our members, I work at a corporate Fitness?Welness Center with 300 members, though only about 800 active. Those who try it love it.

TINAISLEW Posts: 375
11/16/08 12:53 P

BEFORE finding SP, my trainer at 24 hour fitness recommended the bodybugg.
i bought it and then found that it was not compatible with my Mac computer.
I prefer FREE SP to the expense of Bodybugg! SP also has the human contact aspect to it. emoticon

11/16/08 12:41 P

I am still trying to decide.....

FAT2LONG Posts: 3,675
3/7/08 9:24 P


Thanks for all the great info (and Coach Nicole - thanks for passing along Coach Dean's observations). I, too, received a notice from 24hr Fitness about the bodybugg . . . and decided that I'd rather have a heart rate monitor as my "gadget." I'm happy to know that there are sound reasons to go with that decision.

3/6/08 2:31 P

I had never heard of bodybugg. Very interesting

CERACOBBLER SparkPoints: (539,949)
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3/6/08 2:05 P

Thanks much!

for me it was simple to set up (PC software side) and took under 10 minutes of filling out some basic info. :\

COACH_NICOLE Posts: 9,354
3/6/08 1:43 P

Sure I'll try if I get a chance to. I'm going to wear it mainly during a couple workouts in conjunction with my HRM to see how the stats compare.

Coach Jen tried one the other day and had a really hard time even programming it--she gave up lol!


CERACOBBLER SparkPoints: (539,949)
Fitness Minutes: (155,507)
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3/6/08 1:19 P

Coach Nicole -
If you do use one could you post back with your trial results?

3/6/08 1:11 P

Thank you so much I already have the heart monitor and I'm still trying to get back on track with the logging food. But I cant see paying a large amount of money on top of the gym membership. So I think I will just stick to what I'm doing. The gym is kinda pushing this on its members but not too many people are buying,

CERACOBBLER SparkPoints: (539,949)
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3/6/08 1:07 P

from what i've gathered by using the product you do have to track your nutrition through the bodybugg program to get the most reliable and accurate data.

COACH_NICOLE Posts: 9,354
3/6/08 12:55 P

Here is a post that one of our experts, Coach Dean, made about the BodyBugg in the past. I think you may find it helpful. We actually have a couple here in our SP offices to test out and I plan to try it this weekend. But I pretty much agree with Dean's response below:

I haven't used it myself, or with clients, but I have looked into it a little bit. The device itself (the armband gizmo that does the actual measuring of your activity level) seems like a pretty good deal--it uses more factors than a heart rate monitor (but not heart rate) to make its calculations, and the studies I've seen indicate that it is reliable to within that 8% margin of error you mentioned.

But what you are paying most of the money for is mostly the service package that comes with the device, and apparently you can't use the device without that service package. You can't just get a reading from the device that tells you how many calories you are burning during the day, and then use that yourself--like you could with a heart rate monitor. You have to connect to an on-line service that takes in your measurement data and spits out a calculated energy balance figure that tells you the difference between what you are taking in and burning up.

This might be worth the price, if it were actually possible. But this device can't do that. You would need to spend your day in a metabolic chamber which could measure the content of your expired breath for the entire day to get an accurate measurement of energy balance.

What the BodyBugg system does is compare the calorie expenditure data it collects to the changes in your weight over the week (which you have to report), and then calculates how much you must have eaten to produce that change. For example, if the armband gizmo says you expended an average of 2000 calories per day, and you lost 1 pound over the week, then the system will figure that you must have eaten 10,500 calories (14,000 - 3500). But there is no way to know how accurate that is--your weight could have changed due to water retention or any number of temporary fluctuations, etc.

This is just an upside down version of what you get here at Sparkpeople for free. Instead of tracking calories in and estimating energy expenditure with standard formulas, it tries to track energy expenditure and estimate calorie intake, so you don't have to track your nutrition. If anything, this will be less accurate than what you can accomplish here.

To get the best of both worlds, I'd suggest you get a heart rate monitor with a calorie expenditure estimating feature. If you combine that with good tracking of your calorie intake using the nutrition tracker, your results will be much more reliable than BodyBugg, and you won't have to keep paying service fees to get that calorie expenditure estimates.

Hope this helps.

Coach Dean

Coach Nicole

CERACOBBLER SparkPoints: (539,949)
Fitness Minutes: (155,507)
Posts: 91,368
3/6/08 12:51 P

There is a semi active bodybugg team on spark :)
You can get the bodybugg from 24 hourfitness for $224

I like mine - it keeps me honest and on track.
The device seems to be pretty accurate with regards to when im active and how many steps i make in a day. having all the data makes me push myself harder to see better over all results.

i cant tell you if i'll be still using it next year but plan on keeping it strapped to me until i hit my goal weight.

FEELING20 Posts: 3,040
3/6/08 12:47 P

I never heard of bodybugg what is that? thank you!

3/6/08 12:46 P

Hello, I searched the boards for anything related with the bodybugg. I found only 2 but not what I was looking for.
My questions are.

Is it worth the money?
Does it really work?

My gym is now promoting it for the price of 335.00 with the 3 months online. Any thing on this please pass it on to me. I just dont want to waste any money. The gym is costing a arm and leg as it is.

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