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6/22/13 5:21 A


I can speak with some authority on this question. I work part time as a group exercise instructor. I teach both those classes and yes, there have been days when I have taught both back to back.

It is something I do not recommend. Yes, you can do it. But honestly, it will not speed up your weight loss. When it comes to losing weight, what matters most is what we eat. Good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit and healthy. In short, you can not outrun a bad diet with exercise. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you have to eat right first.

Since you are new to a regular exercise program, I would recommend doing Body Pump and Spinning ONCE per week, not every other day. It really is too much for your body to handle. You want to make sure you're not doing too much high intensity exercise. You want a mix of a little high intensity with some more moderate low intensity exercise during the week.

Like I said, I teach both classes on a regular basis and I get tired !!

It's great to really enjoy a class, but where do you see yourself 4 weeks from now ? How about 8 weeks from now or even 8 months from now ? Your exercise routine should be sustainable. It's great to be motivated, but once again, how motivated are you going to be 8 weeks from now ? Too many people start out too fast too soon. What ends up happening is that 4-8 weeks down the line, they get tired, fatigued and exhausted. they wonder why they don't have any energy any more. It's because you did too much for your body to handle.

Like I said, you can't outrun a bad diet with exercise. AND here's your catch 22 that no one mentioned, when you start increasing your exercise, you're going to increase your appetite. More exercise = more hunger. If you're going to exercise more, you're going to need to increase the amount you eat in order to have energy to sustain the workouts.

increased exercise combined with a decrease in calories will equal exhaustion and fatigue. That's when your body is going to start craving the junk.

Take things slowly. You don't have to kill yourself to be healthy or lose weight.

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6/22/13 4:08 A

You say you can only work out Mon-Thurs which is why you're doing two classes on the same day, right? With that in mind, you're obviously going to have to do cardio and ST on the same day sometimes. BodyPump's circuit training, right? So that should get your heart rate well up, and double as a cardio workout. What about this:

Mon: BodyPump
Tues: Spinning
Wed: BodyPump
Thurs: Spinning

You'll get four days' worth of cardio and two of strength.

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6/21/13 6:07 P

As a person who just recovered from rotator cuff surgery, I agree with the others that you may be doing too much too soon. Your exuberance is wonderful, but your body may not be able to hold up for you in the long run.

I was in physical therapy for 12 weeks following surgery and my therapist told me that a woman can get fit using no more than 5 pound weights. One of the fittest body pump instructors I know lifts no more than 10 pounds. I am surprised that neither of your instructors warned against not giving your muscles time to repair.

I take spinning classes M, W, Sat and body pump Tu and Thur. Friday is a rest day and Sunday is my choice - sometimes spinning, sometimes treadmill, sometimes elliptical.

Take care of yourself so you can be in it for the long haul. I have been spinning for 6 years and taking body pump classes for 3 years - they really work. Surprisingly, people have commented more on how I look after surgery with lower weights than before surgery with heavier weights (and I actually weighed less then, too). Go figure.

Keep Sparkin' emoticon

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6/21/13 5:38 P

IT sounds like you definitely are doing too much for you; later, after you're more fit, this might not be such an issue, but for now, yeah, I think it could potentially cause problems.

SP has a great article about the warning signs and negative effects of overtraining that you may find helpful:

No Pain, Big Gain

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6/21/13 5:27 P

It does sound like it is too much to do both in the same day or at least that close to each other because you are so fatigued (which is a good thing). Even if your performance in Body Pump isn't as bad, when you are so fatigued, you are likely losing the proper form, which opens you up for being more likely to injure yourself.

Coach Denise

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6/21/13 1:07 P

yes i do feel fatigued like crazy! and i lift only 5 pounds for warmup and some other excercises (sorry dont know the names) and then for the excercises which need the highest weights i do 10pounds. for me this is a lot because i have never done weights before and i struggle to complete the reps at the end of each excercise. ofcourse as time goes by i will add more to these weights - that is when i start feeling like i am doing these easily.. but till then i absolutely cannot take more weights.. my heart rate is up and i am really tired by the end of it...

and on the day i do body pump first and then spinning - my performance in spinning is very bad.. i really cannot keep up with the class..

and on the day i do spinning first and then body pump - my performance in body pump is not as bad ..

but my question is that am i hurting myself by overdoing? for me i can only excercise mon-thur hence i do these classes..
so i feel that even though i am not performing my best in the second class i am still burning calories (though less than what i would if i did only one class)
i just want to make sure i dont injure myself or something..

6/21/13 11:34 A

As someone who actually does BodyPump on a regular basis, I would say that doing that and then spinning is absolutely too much!

If you're doing BodyPump effectively, you should be too fatigued for anything else. It's an hour of full-body circuit training that should have your heart rate going most of the time - if it's not, you're not doing it right. At the end of your set, you should feel very fatigued, almost like you can hardly complete the last few reps. Lifting the lightest weights goes completely against the point of the class.

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6/20/13 11:27 P

personally I don't think it's too much. From what I saw on the body pump video they do lift light weights for lots and lots of reps. That is their approach to getting in shape. I don't agree but it's what they claim on their video. I do group power and we lift as heavy as we can.

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6/20/13 10:25 P

I assume by body pump, you mean a group strength class? How long is the class?

When you do cardio and strength training in the same session, whatever you do second will suffer. If you do strength first, your cardio won't be as effective. IF you do cardio first, your strength won't be as effective.

Which you do first is determined by your goals. Generally speaking, most people don't need to exercise for more than an hour a day; it's a bit excessive, especially for someone just starting out, and a great way to get burned out.

May I also ask why you're using the lightest weights possible, and what that means? If you're lifting 2 lb weights, that's likely too light and not going to benefit you much for long. However, "lightest weights possible" means different things. How much are you lifting, exactly? Can you go heavier? IF you can, you should!

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6/20/13 9:56 P

hi i just started going to body pump and spinning classes and am really enjoying it. heres my schedule

mon - body pump
tue - spinning 1 hour
wed - body pump and then spinning 1hr with a 30min break in between
thur - spinning 40min and body pump

is this too much? this is just week 3 of my excercise.. i do body pump with the lightest weights possible
i just want to make sure that i am not over doing anything

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