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I use both but I don't specifically track my workout using my BodyMedia. I tried it once and it came out lower than my HRM. BodyMedia doesn't always track minutes well for strength but I think it averages out across the day for total calories burned so i catches up somehow. I also use my HRM for tracking cardio because I delete my BodyMedia reading from my fitness tracker because I don't want to give myself too much credit for movement.

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9/3/13 2:04 P

I use a BodyMedia armband and was curious about the same thing. If you search "BodyMedia vs HRM" on the SP web search tool you'll see where other members have done just what you're asking. It seems that the BodyMedia is pretty close, except when bicycling and using an elliptical. But BodyMedia tells you up front that tracking may not be as accurate for those activities.

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Has anyone ever used both at the same time and compare the calorie burn estimates? If so, did you find them to be similar enough for the difference to be negligible? If not, how different were the numbers??

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