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11/17/12 4:19 A

Brilliant! Thank you so much, that makes much more sense to me. emoticon

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11/17/12 4:04 A

Women have a higher % of essential fat, and therefore higher fat %. Yes, I think it is a typo. This chart could help you

BLANCHENOIRE SparkPoints: (1,376)
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11/17/12 3:36 A

Hi all,

I just bought a scale which claims to show body fat %. It measures mine at 21.2 which is surprisingly accurate considering that 21 is what they told me after the caliper test at the gym. HOWEVER the instruction leaflet on the scale says that women should have a lower body fat % than men (on the table). Do you think this is a typo? I always thought that it was the opposite. It is saying that 21.2 puts me in the overweight category as a woman but wouldn't if I were a man- makes no sense to me!


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