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MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
2/20/14 1:07 A

I totally agree - you expect when they're selling you a function that it'll work right! I've stopped using that function too - it seems to work fine for my husband though (his fat is a little more distributed than mine).

Congratulations on your weight loss so far - that's something the scale will be accurate on!

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,437
2/20/14 1:03 A

BF scales measure the resistance to a tiny electric current, and are notoriously sensitive to hydration level changes. One or other of the measurements may have been off by several percent due to fluctuations in your hydration levels.


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2/20/14 12:59 A

Thank you! It does make sense now. It just gets discouraging when I put in all this work and feel like im doing it wrong. I wont be using that anymore.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
2/20/14 12:54 A

Body fat scales and handheld devices are notoriously inaccurate - they basically complete a current the fastest way possible, so a scale won't measure the top half of your body, and a handheld will just do your arms and chest. So your "body fat scale" is kind of more of a "leg fat scale" - you're not doing anything wrong, the device just isn't capable of measuring you more completely. I carry most of my excess fat in my thighs and butt, so even as the pounds have dropped I still show an improbably high BF% on my scale.

To get a better idea of how much body fat you actually have, a caliper test is far more accurate (assuming the person giving it knows what they're doing, of course!)

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2/19/14 10:47 P

Over the past 3 months I have lost nearly ten pounds. My bathroom scale said I started out at 28% body fat in october and after losing all this weight I am still at 28%. I dont feel like I lost ten pounds of muscle, so I am not sure what I am doig wrong. Help?

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