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11/4/13 12:12 A

I hope you have seen your doctor and you are on Blood Pressure medicine, since you should not be having readings of 180 to 200. That certainly would be a medical issue.

Do try using Sea Salt and not the regular table salt. Also, you need to balance it with potassium. I'd do some viewing on YouTube on how to lower blood pressure. Dr. Mercola has good information there and on his web site. Of course, weight loss will help with lowing BP.

DIANE7786 Posts: 4,861
11/3/13 10:47 P

Sodium IS the hidden enemy! It's shocking how much sodium is in processed, fast food and many recipes. Google low sodium recipes and low salt seasonings, condiments and marinade recipes. They replace sodium with flavorful herbs and spices. At first low sodium food may taste bland to you. Don't give up! High blood pressure causes many nasty medical problems. After eating low salt foods for awhile your tastes will change and the occasional salty food will taste way too salty. Exercise also helps lower blood pressure.

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11/3/13 9:50 P

I have been in spark people almost 6 months and try to watch my sodium intake however I still have readings of 180 to 200, this worries me a lot and it is like sodium is the hidden enemy. I just want to get my blood pressure down. Any ideas on the subject emoticon

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