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JULRUB Posts: 116
8/31/11 7:28 A

I almost forgot...i down loaded "The Spark" onto my Kindle and started listening to
it last night while on the treadmill!!! :))

JULRUB Posts: 116
8/31/11 7:20 A

Thanks to all for the encouragement...I did better yesterday...did 20 minutes on the treadmill
couldn't handle 30
somehow when i put in my minutes i added 20 shows i did i
don't know how to change my goal is 25 minutes...and no munching
when i get home from work before dinner...gonna do the treadmill and vacuum the pool...
well....that's the plan...

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,082
8/31/11 12:08 A

Eating sugar/starches will pack on the pounds since it raises our INSULIN levels and causes cravings.

SAC-6582 SparkPoints: (302,210)
Fitness Minutes: (295,863)
Posts: 6,953
8/30/11 11:25 P

. emoticon Don't be too hard on yourself! We all have setbacks and days we don't feel like exercising. As for setbacks you can't let them put you on a guilt trip especially if you're an emotional eater. Admit your setback, forgive yourself and determine to do better. It takes time to make this life change. When I first started I tried to walk for 10 minutes several times a day. As I lost weight I started feeling more like walking longer periods of time. Now I do anywhere from 45-60 minutes of power walking, or stationary bike (almost a year later). Another suggestion is don't let the scales dictate your mood. I know that I can fluctuate in weight from day to day. I have clothes a size too small that I try on as one of my measuring systems of my success. The other is how I feel and the goals I get to mark off. (I set goals and hang them on my bathroom mirror as I reach them I mark them off), every small goal adds up to your final goal and help in your developing a life change. You can do this but it will take some effort and time on your part. emoticon

DUSTYPRAIRIE Posts: 11,125
8/30/11 12:08 P

we all have to let go every once in awhile. doesn't mean it's blown - just a puncture!

GETTHERE135 Posts: 251
8/30/11 11:58 A

I too am not a treadmill person, I have tried but two minutes feels like twenty. I have had an upright bike and now have a recumbent bike. I like both and for whatever reason more than the treadmill. My only issue is that they both can make your butt a little sore, especially the upright at first, then you get used to it. Maybe finding an exercise machine you like will be the key to consistent exercise for you. Good Luck!!!

JULRUB Posts: 116
8/30/11 9:55 A

well..went camping over the weekend and gained 2 bloody own fault...didn't exercise last nite either...lazy..lazy..lazy....going to try to do 30 minutes on the treadmill
tonight...hate it...think i am going to look into an exercise bike...maybe i will have more motivation on that...anyone have any luck with one?

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