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1/23/14 2:41 P

I also haven't noticed much gas with these brownies. I think because you need to look at the fiber in a smaller portion rather than eat a 1/2 c. of beans.

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1/15/14 10:44 A

I do not notice any extra gas with eating these beans, but then I'm not one who's upset by much.

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1/15/14 10:36 A

I was wondering if adding beans (hence fiber) would cause a lot of gas issues. I have GERD and have to be careful about certain foods. I can eat beans in moderation.

1/14/14 5:19 P

I have made bean brownies with a brownie mix. Again, it is more like no pudge brownines,just with more fiber and a bit less expensive. Just take a can of beans, they don't even have to be black ones, rinse and food process them till they are smooth. Then just add the brownie mix and bake according to directions.
You cut out the oil and eggs, and add fiber. Still a lot of sugar so keep the portions small. I give these to my kids for protein, fiber and iron.

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1/10/14 10:53 A

It may not be the healthiest recipe, but I have made this one many, many times with different variations and each time it is great. I have multiple gluten-intolerant family members, but I do add baking powder to the recipe to make it more cake-like. I love how much fibre is in these treats!

5/26/13 9:10 P

I have a can of black beans and would like to make some brownies using them. However I find tons of recipes and some have various feedback on them. Anyone have a tried & true recipe they have used? thanks :)

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