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4/21/13 11:19 A

It is a common complaint- weight gain with BC. I think if you follow your doc's advice with the changes to your diet and exercise, you should still lose weight.

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4/18/13 10:17 A

Yes i dr kinda opened my eyes on that, she and i are close and feels comfortable chewing me out if need be hahaha, she said almost the exact same thing, The pills arent making you fat, they may increase your appetite but thats when you stick a carrot in your mouth ahahah...i mostly switched due to my emotional well being. Also about your breastfeeding...i did that exclusively for all three of my kids 1 yr each(till they quit :( ) and i never had my period till i stopped, even when they were on solids. IT depends in each women, i know some who started right away and some who never did....i dont know that the pill really has anything to do with it. good luck with that

4/17/13 8:18 P

I'm on the mini pill because I'm breastfeeding and I haven't gotten my period yet, in 5 months! I know that can happen if I'm breastfeeding but the thing is this pill makes me have cramps and feel like i'm trying to start my period witch flips a switch in my mind that I'm hungry, as if I can eat to get rid of cramps. I never thought I'd say this but, I miss my period. So yes, the weight just stays on. But remember the pill isn't putting food in our mouths. Sorry for the tough love!

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4/17/13 5:29 P

i seen my dr and we switched to a lower dose of some other brand...i checked reviews and it has as many good as it does bad reviews so i guess its hit or miss...can honestly say if i start gaining weight because of pills im gonna freak out lol

4/16/13 4:31 P

I actually just changed my bc pill because I believe the one I've been on has aided in my difficulty losing weight, and also because I've been tracking my moods and I'm pretty sure it's been causing me to have bouts of depression at certain times in my cycle. My ob/gyn suggested Yaz because it's supposed to be the best one for not causing mood issues, so I'm hoping it helps with the weight as well. Not holding my breath, but we'll see what happens!

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4/14/13 4:47 A

IN my own experience some birth contorl pills made me gain weight and some didn't. Some made me feel like i was hungry all of the time and of course i gave now i am not on any and using other methods. If i am not mistaken it is the way that your body reacts to the dosage. If it is a too high of a dosage for your body it can cause changes such as weight gain and moodiness. I was on too high of a dosage of birth control pills and it made me real moody and caused my menstural cycle to be totally out of whack and gain weight. But once my dr gove me a lower dosage everything went right back to normal. I def do not reccomend the shot. I gained almost 10 pounds after I got the shot. hope this helps!

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4/12/13 4:54 P

So i have been on b/c's since my almost two yr old was 6 wks and they were fine and worked for me I have stopped taking them the last month due to being on antibiotics that counter act it and im also due for my yearly womens exam...I chose to just stay off them till i see her next week because i am curios if being off of them has aided in my 10lbs of weightloss...granted ive been working out and my diet changed drastically since then. I dont want another kind of b/c i have had terrible issues with both types of IUD's, dont like side effects of patch and really dont want to mess with the nuvaring. Id like to stay on pills. BUT i want to know how much truth is int eh weight gain part of it and hormonal changes. I would likely stay off all kinds of b/c if the hubs and i could really be trusted to use other methods but i am in no way ready for a 4th baby so im not taking chances. Sorry if this is TMI but i am looking for other peoples experiences and thought the parenting board was likely a place i could find it. I will be talking with my dr next week but i want to have some ideas before i go in

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