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5/29/14 1:09 P

Exactly, I have started this journey; I am a addict in recovery, and though I do not use or abuse drugs, my addiction to food has taken on a new dimension-I understand.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
5/29/14 12:41 P

I do Vinyasa yoga - My favourite instructor on youtube is Ali Kamenova - you can search for her...but she is pretty advanced.

If you are just starting yoga, look at my post above for beginner's yoga links - and like I said, each video you open, will in fact lead to even more suggestions on the right hand side (after you click it).

efit30 is another channel there that I subscribe to - with all kinds of stuff like pilates. Like I said, you really can find whatever you want on youtube emoticon

GIPPER1961 Posts: 763
5/29/14 12:41 P

You have been given some great advice. Your original post mentioned a disorder. Binge Eating disorder is a recognized eating disorder. Along with the distractions people have given you for when you desire to binge eat, there is another step that depending on the person can be just as important and sometimes difficult, and that is figuring out why you binge eat and not just eat until satisfied. For each binge eater it can be very individual, is it hunger, need for emotional comfort, depression, anxiety or some other reason. Both the immediate distraction from the desire to eat as well as the inward looking for the cause are both important for binge eaters.

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5/29/14 12:02 P

ok you peeked my interest! What is your range; what do you mean? Are there specific videos on "YouTube" that you use? I am interested in yoga too.


MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,449
5/29/14 10:20 A

I second looking on You Tube for exercise videos. And even looking on Spark People for exercise videos. If I had a gym membership, I know that it would go to waste. So I exercise at home.

5/28/14 4:47 P

Make sure you eat healthy meals and ENOUGH during the day. That makes it easier for me to not overdo it at night. Don't let yourself get very hungry and make sure you are not trying to eat too little. Eating too little will backfire in the form of binges - with me, anyway.

There is a Living Binge Free forum here at SP that you might like.

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5/28/14 4:12 P

This may sound silly, but there's a challenge in the challenge forum about not eating after 8 and it totally helps me. I was baking brownies and banana bread last night and wanted to binge on chocolate but didn't eat anything at all because it was after 8 and I wanted to keep up my streak and post that I was successful. Whatever works, right? Another idea is to brush your teeth after dinner so your less likely to want to eat.

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5/28/14 1:26 P


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5/28/14 12:45 P

You've gotten some great advice already. Here are a few articles you might also find helpful:

Coach Jen

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
5/28/14 12:36 P

I do yoga from videos on Youtube. What I was suggesting is that because of your schedule, it might be easier to work out from home at night, as opposed to driving to the gym.

Any exercise - basically in the world - is available for free on youtube - you just go onto youtube and search for it in their search bar.

Here's what you find if you type in strength training exercises:

Here's what you find if you type in beginner yoga:

Each time you open a video - you will get even more suggestions on the right hand side.

All exercise types and levels are there, so people can do a lot of different types of things in their own home, at their own time, for free.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,449
5/28/14 12:31 P

A hobby that causes the same feelings as eating at night. If you take up a craft or woodworking. Then you will have this wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Instead of feelings of shame and guilt for binging. I have been in both places.

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5/28/14 12:28 P

Sorry I don't understand your message bout "Youtube?" What exactly am I looking for on Do you have nutrition or yoga videos you have done?????

Thanks for the help.

Sincerely, JT

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
5/28/14 12:11 P

@ WJTURNER2 - an fyi...every exercise imaginable (and every level) is on youtube - just use the search bar and type in key words like, cardio exercises, in home walking, yoga, strength exercises, pilates, etc.

The only other thing I can suggest, hunny, is to keep the bad (junk) food out of your house. Seriously. Fill your house with good healthy food only. Binge on 4 apples - I know....who wants to do that as opposed to eating a whole bad of chips? Which is the point emoticon

KASTRA Posts: 369
5/28/14 11:53 A

Different things work for different people, so you need to figure out your actual motivations.

Personally, I tended to do it out of a feeling of being overwhelmed by other things, and instead of doing those things, I got bored.

While watching TV, we homeschool my son evenings and weekends (before he goes to bed, obviously- my danger zone was after he was tucked in - hub and I both work full-time so it keeps us hectic but so worth it with his special needs) - so I read ahead on his next lessons and track what we've done. Also, my retirement plan is to have my CPA by the time I retire so I can make a little supplemental money during tax season, so I started taking self-paced courses (Louisiana State U. has great ones) to work towards the credit requirement to qualify, and I study a bit each night while relaxing.

During commercials, I get up and clean something (kitchen counters can always use a wipe-down, scrub a sink, or de-clutter an area that collects clutter). I start packing my lunch for the next day, preparing the things that can be done ahead and deciding what has to be done in the morning. I pick out my clothes for the morning and get them ready for fast grabbing.

Basically, I keep myself busy and the things I keep myself busy doing have the added bonus of keeping our household organized and prepared for the next day(s) inevitable hectic pace. That keeps me from feeling overwhelmed and out of control so I have time to make healthy choices the next day rather than deal with chaos.

That's what works for me, at least. You need to figure out what you're thinking when you start the grazing and put together a game plan that counters it.

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5/28/14 11:46 A

Thanks a lot. Thanks for the suggestions. I will try to go to the gym at night, but its hard cuz of work. I'm always

DANAG22 Posts: 741
5/28/14 11:35 A

take up a hobby, try to get to the gym, go for a walk, go to bed early, anything that would distract you from being tempted to eat. I used to binge on ice cream mainly out of boredom half a gallon I could eat by myself in one sitting. Until I stopped buying it. Out of sight out of mind. If there is too much junk food in the house I would say get rid of it if you can't control your eating habits yet. Maybe you eat dinner too early, push back the time. For late night snacks, choose healthier options that can go a long way like popcorn, fruit smoothie. What has worked for me is eating healthy all week, getting to the gym at night, staying within my range and then picking a day usually on the weekends to have 1 cheat meal. Good luck to you! emoticon

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5/28/14 11:09 A

How do I stop eating at night. I go all day doing very well, eating healthy and what not; but at night, I gorge. I also herd there is an actual disorder for people who binge eat at night.


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