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Thank you so much for your input... My team is mostly 60's and 70's so this is a simple challenge and we found a walk challenge so successful and fun. My gals lost a bit of weight, but mostly inches and the stamina they gained was heart warming, let me tell you.

As some of our gals do ride a bike, both stationary and the 2-wheel kind, we wanted to create a new fun challeng.

Again, thank you very much..........

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I would look into an intensity challenge. If everybody can use heart rate monitors have them use their heart rate as an indication.

If somebody walking gets their heart rate up and somebody biking gets it up at the same intensity for their age/height/weight then they're doing the same "thing".

this link:

is a target heart rate calculator. I would use that as your standard.

Good luck

6/8/08 1:21 P

There's a lot of "rules of thumbs out there -- none of which are precise.

They all depend on how you are determining "equal" - and even then it will depend.

Whatever you choose, as long as it's standard for everyone in the challenge, I think that's fair. You just have to assume everyone will take the challenge in the spirit it's intended.

In a VRAA challenge I participate in, they came up with 1 mile = 4 pts for running, and 1 mile = 1.5 pts for bicycling which I found to be very fair for me because if I run or bicycle *at the same intensity*, I can cover a bit over 16 mile in an hour on a bike, or a bit over 6 miles in an hour running.

If you try to compare Calories burned for each - intensity comes into play. There is no precise x = y because they are two very different activities.

Since it's just a fun challenge, again, I think as long as it's standard- don't worry. A 1:3 ratio sounds fair.

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6/8/08 12:24 P

Our team is walking and biking. We have heard that 3 miles biking is equal to 1 mile walking. We are considering a challenge and I am wondering if there is anyone who knows for sure this is true. If you have a link that will address this issue, please include that.
Thank you.

co team leader 50s 60s 70s and Older Welcome Team

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