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4/23/13 10:41 P

We'd tried some of the "light" versions of OJ and they seemed watery or overly sweet.
My husband mixes his morning OJ with Crystal Light (and yes we know there's a whole raft of folk who don't "do" artificial sweeteners - but there are a lot of very healthy people who do).

It cuts the calories and he comes up with some interesting combinations - pink lemonade and OJ are good and it makes for a colorful breakfast.

We've also mixed the OJ with tonic water or sugar-free soda like Fresca.

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4/23/13 11:50 A

I agree on the frozen veggies. I buy them fresh too for salads, but with fresh you have a short window before it goes bad. It's nice to have that backup in the freezer with no time pressures. When my fresh fruit has been sitting too long, I slice it up and freeze it.

If this was easy I would have done it already.
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4/23/13 11:21 A

I like to get frozen veg and fruit. It keeps better than fresh in the freezer and has just as many nutrients etc. Just be sure to read the labels - sometimes salt and/or sugar is added, or there may be packets of sauce and stuff you don't need.

"Read the labels" should be a shopping mantra in any case.

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4/23/13 8:47 A

I went to the store yesterday and was very selective about my choices. Looking in my cart there was only healthy items. Apples, grapes, lemon, tomatoes, bananas, avocado, cucumber, mushrooms, bell pepper, celery, raspberries, shredded lettuce, edamame, fat reduce triscuit crackers, and one unhealthy item taco shells (for my husband not me). It made me stop and think wow, good job!

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4/23/13 8:34 A

My dd bought some Ezekiel Bread, and she found it in the freezer section at a Meijers Store. It is from the Verse in the Bible and Book of Ezekiel, verse:Ezekiel 4:9 and you can also make it yourself.


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4/23/13 8:10 A

Did you know that $$$ Greek yogurt is simply regular with most of the whey (liquid) drained off? You can make your own yogurt without a yogurt maker, plenty of info through Google. Then strain it for a few hours through cheesecloth, a paper coffee filter, or paper towels. For your starter, look for a plain natural (no gelatin, starch, or other fillers) yogurt brand with lots of different bacterial cultures, such as Stoneyfield, which has five or six.

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4/22/13 8:03 P

I like Oroweat thin buns or the Thomas Mini Bagels. I also like the Laughing Cow cheeses or I have the deli slice some Provolone fairly thin for me. I do not care for most of the low fat cheese slics, but I will eat low fat ricotta with berries and honey. If you have not made a sandwich of thin buns, laughing cow cream cheese and strawberries and blueberries you are really missing out!

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4/22/13 6:55 P

Cheese is my weakness! I love the idea of thinner slices or shredding. I never thought of that, so Thanks! I do looove the Laughing Cow that were mentioned, and though they are spendy, if you must have cheese on a sandwich, that is the way to go! Sometimes, even a half wedge will do, so you can really stretch out the carton. I've learned to do without cheese on many things over the last year. If you slowly start using less and less, you will find that it will not be on your weekly list anymore. I do buy string cheese once in a while for snacking and they are already portioned out.

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4/22/13 6:46 P

How about making breakfast rollups with just the Canadian bacon or ham and some cheese? Cut some cheese fingers from cheese blocks - I love Muenster and the Havartis (mmm: turkey and Havarti! especially dilled Havarti!) Maybe cut some hardboiled eggs into wedges and include them in the wrap. I love rollups with thinly sliced meats and Laughing Cow (or similar) cheese...or even flavored cream cheeses. If you really need some sort of outer wrapper, you might try spring roll skins, or won ton wrappers. Warm them! I love coconut wraps (come in plain or curry)...but they can be tough to find. Very tasty and versatile, though.

As for OJ - those "Cuties" are just Mandarins - the sort usually found in cans (bleah!). Get the fresh ones. Try some of the other orange types. Tangerines or Tangelos are nice and sweet. And forget all the processed stuff. Squeeze your own! It keeps pretty well, especially if you're using it as much as you say. Just be careful of ANY fruit - it's loaded with sugar! Even so, fresh-squeezed is your best choice. Not all that difficult, and you can use the rinds in cooking. I made a truly delectable fresh ham a couple weeks ago with the spent rinds in the simmering water, and it came out amazing! You can freeze the rinds to use when some notion arises.

I'm a perimeter shopper, too. I only venture into the center of the store for cleaning supplies or some such. Never food. Or, occasionally nuts or something similar. Not the processed/packaged things. I avoid all grains like plague! The advertisers (ie, those who are making their millions on the products) will always append that "healthy" to any commentary about grains...but 'tain't so, my friends. And just TRY to find anything not full of grains or grain products. No sense in my even wandering down the aisles.

I like to make little cheese or pepperoni "crackers" by zapping them in the microwave. They keep pretty well. Yogurt is okay in moderation...but it can be full of sugars too. Occasionally I'll buy a few and portion them out into half servings. But I actually prefer the coconut or almond milk versions, which are better for you than the pasteurized milk ones anyway. It's not too difficult to make your own yogurt, either! I like hardboiled eggs as snacks, and jerky, pork skins are tasty alternatives to chips. There's even a chicken version, but it can be tough to find. Mostly I make my own of both those if I have the time and the inclination. The little cheese wheels (Bonbel, Jarlsberg, etc) are great snackies. I love nut butters, too. Not PEAnut butter (which isn't a nut in the first place!). There's many other versions though. I have one of those really cheap-o battery powered mini food processors, and it will make nut butter out of any sort of nuts I choose. Pistachio! Cashew! mmmm I can just scoop that stuff out on a spoon, it's so good. I don't miss peanut butter at all. The pork rinds are good "scoopers," too. Celery or other veggie sticks are pretty good with the nut butters and cream cheeses. Try some thinly sliced squash strips. I love carrots, but they have more sugar than the others, so I'm careful with them. I love apples too...but same story. Berries are a great treat - and (check the label, really!) whipped topping is great with berries and not nearly as "nutritionally costly" as people think. Gelatins. hehehe: "Jigglers"!!! LOL Nuts in moderation are good. I love to buy raw ones and toast them with a variety of additions. Sometimes *just* toasted...but sometimes I mix them up with some sucralose (Splenda™) or other sugarfree substitute. Cinnamon and anise! yum Plain old toasted with a little salt. You can portion them out so you don't get carried away.

Speaking of portions - I buy little restaurant style "souffle" cups (with lids) in bulk...I think the ones I have are 5 oz, or something. They make awesome portion containers. I also make my gelatin desserts in them. Well, I pour it into them, anyway. They come some outrageous number to a sleeve for a ridiculously low price. I think I pay 3˘ each for the cups and 2˘ for the lids. Very handy, and I don't splurge over my limit when I have all my goodies portioned like that.

Be creative. You'll dream up all sorts of things if you set your mind to it. Just - please - don't be lured into that no fat/lowfat/light/reduced fat thing. We need good fats in our diets. And when they remove fats, they put other who-knows-whats in their place. Definitely not the "right stuff," in any case. Don't fear fats! It's been a ruse all this time.

Good luck in finding some good additions to your dietary plan!

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4/22/13 6:06 P

One of my favorite things I like to stock up on is canned sardines - they're so good for you and make such a quick and easy dinner when I'm out of ideas. I love to throw them in whole wheat pasta with some capers and fresh sauteed spinach and mushrooms.

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4/22/13 4:07 P

LIke others have said, shop the outside of the store and skip as many of the center aisles as possible. I do go into the aisles for beans (all types: no salt canned or dried), grains (rice, quinoa, bulgar, etc), no salt canned corn, no salted canned tomato sauce/puree/diced, frozen vegetables and fruits, high fiber pasta (can't stand the whole wheat version).

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4/22/13 1:40 P

Stay out of the center aisles. Shop the outer edges of the store. Fresh fruit, meats, veggies, etc. All the processed junk in the center aisles. I'm a coffee drinker so I need to grab that but seriously consider staying away from anything in a box or a can. Fresh is best!!!

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4/22/13 1:14 P

How about string cheese, apples and grapes?

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4/22/13 10:19 A

Please keep the ideas coming! I'll shop Weds and am getting some great ideas! I think I'll get stuff for fruit salad, which always feel like a real treat. Good fresh fruit is a little hard to come by right now, I guess because it's autumn in the southern hemisphere. I sure miss those honeydews!

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4/22/13 9:41 A

I love cuties and have 2 in my lunch bag right now. YUMMY!

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4/21/13 11:34 A

I always buy yogurt. It's a good snack and since I don't like milk, I top my oatmeal with it. Also if I have a waffle or pancakes, I prefer fresh berries and yogurt on it rather than syrup. I also enjoy grape tomatoes. So much flavor than regular store bought tomatoes. However in summer I do like tomatoes from the garden. I buy whole grain or multigrain sandwich thins which are so versatile. They can be used to replace a bun, make a sandwich or mini pizza or a breakfast sandwich.

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4/20/13 3:52 P

The plain greek yogurt, berries and cultured cottage cheese and romaine remain on my list every time I go along with fat free feta cheese. They are great back up meals for me to have on hand! As asparagus is in season right now, I am stocking up and fixing it with cut up tomatoes and chicken and then freezing it for those nights when my guys are having pizza.


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4/20/13 12:20 A

i like cuties too. and the fact that i can eat two instead of one orange makes me think I'm eating more lol . skinny those products. the mango smoothie me just enough sweetness that it's like dessert for those times when I just feel I have to have something...and far less calories than caving into desserts

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4/19/13 11:24 P

Cuties are a good tasting fruit. Other fruits are also full of nutrients. I also like canned mandarin oranges.

I buy cheese sliced at the deli, too. If the slices are one ounce each, there will be 8 slices in half a pound. I get mine sliced thin, and each slice is about 1/2 ounce. Half the calories, but all the flavor. l like the sandwich thins or a pita and I usually add spinach, egg white, and maybe some cheese.

I also like Laughing Cow. The ones I buy, each triangle has 35 calories and it comes in different flavors. I think they are a bit pricy compared to slices.


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4/19/13 10:55 P

If anyone was curious about me and my love for orange juice, yes it is a favorite for breakfast. I have also found that having a few sips or about a 1/2-3/4 cup of orange juice really helps with cravings for sugary drinks (pop, sweetened tea,sugary lemonade,etc). If I dont have anything and since my goal is to keep pop and other sweet drink type mixes out of my home, the OJ id very helpful and a little does wonders. If I drink a lot at once or more than breakfast, its not the greatest thing ever healthwise. Still a better choice than cherry pepsi and any benefits that drink has.

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4/19/13 4:09 P

I like to buy the big bag of pistachios at Walmart and I take them home and divide them up by serving size in sandwich baggies. I find they are good replacement for times when I would normally snack on chips or cookies. I've also replaced cold cereal with Greek yogurt with fruit on the bottom. It's less sugar and calories and healthier!

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4/19/13 10:50 A

I agree with kdhawke. very good choices .

sugarsmom2 donna wva
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4/18/13 7:42 P

SARAHMO4. To get juicy oranges (which may be a little tart in the fall but shouldn't be sour), pick up several of the same size, one at a time, and feel the weight. You will find one that's heavier than the rest, pick that one. Works with grapefruit but not very well with lemons or limes because they're too small to feel the difference. I eat navels all winter, but this year wasn't good for them in general. If there is a medium sized local grocery store near you, they will probably have better produce than the chain groceries. The chains pick for appearance and shelf life, not flavor.

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4/18/13 4:54 P

Orange Juice - Try Tropicana "Trop50" brand. It has 50% less sugar and calories than orange juice. That's what we buy and it's great! There are only 50 calories in 8 fluid ounces.

Canadian Bacon - Any kind would be fine because it's already lower in fat/calories than real bacon.

Cheese - Don't buy fat-free cheese. It tastes horrible. Buy the low-fat cheese. I always go for Kraft.

English Muffins - Scrap those and try Arnold's Sandwich Thins. They are low in calories and taste great!

WMMCCRORY Posts: 599
4/18/13 11:28 A

I agree with the Cuties suggestion, then you are getting the actual fruit benefits and they are very sweet! Definitely look into whole grain english muffins or thins. They may have more calories (as mentioned below) but the higher calories are healthier (more fiber, the better kind of fat, etc.) I eat 12-grain whole wheat bread for sandwiches and the calories are significantly higher (140 cal for one slice vs. 80-100 for 1 slice of white bread) but looking at the WHOLE picture, not just calories, the whole wheat bread slice is much better for you and more natural, less processed.

I also like the SmartOnes frozen breakfast sandwiches. The Canadian Bacon, egg white and cheese has 210 calories, only 6 g of fat but packs 14 g of protein. Higher in sodium (700mg) so beware if that is an issue for you, but paired with a piece of fruit or small yogurt makes a really good grab and go breakfast and I then have a lower sodium lunch.

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CCBULLDOG Posts: 641
4/18/13 9:01 A

I have been replacing pasta with Spaghetti squash lately and LOVE it.

CDCSMITH2013 Posts: 1,069
4/18/13 8:26 A

You said you weren't a fan of oranges, but what about Cuties? Tangerines that are smallish and easy to peel (they are marketed for kids snacks)?

Wassa bread (more like a light toast cracker thingy than bread) might work in some cases as a sandwich maker, but probably not with an egg sandwich. There are so many light bread options, thinner versions have been mentioned already, but even a light rye night work for you.

There are some egg recipes on the site that you make them in muffin tins and they are supposed to be very portable.

As for cheese, I do a mix of 3 things. I have Sargento thinner slices for sandwiches, when cooking, I tend to use a low fat shredded cheese, but I will also sometimes go with a flavorful cheese, like feta. You don't need to use much to pack a punch.

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4/17/13 11:45 P

Black beans are very versatile, I make a whole lb. Bag and have them all week in different recipes, in fact I just wrote about them on the message board , l think it was called ( Beans ) I make them in pressure cooker , cook for about 2 hours w/ garlic , onion , cumin , chili powder , or fresh peppers , cilantro , salt , pepper. I had them in tostadas , soup , black bean veggie burgers , and had enough to make a dip too ! Lots of fiber as well , met my range all week.
There is also a recipe for black bean brownies ! Haven't tried those yet , but I'm gonna , it's a Spark member recipe . So get some and enjoy emoticon

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4/17/13 6:29 P

If you need english muffins, try to get whole wheat or even better sprouted whole wheat!

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4/17/13 6:11 P

I like this idea. Never knew you could ask for specific thickness or thinness. emoticon

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4/17/13 6:09 P

I just added Black Beans to my shopping list. I've heard that it is good in strengthening your body against cancer. I like the idea of making a nutritious dip with black beans.

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4/17/13 11:10 A

Almond butter is a better choice than peanut butter. I also read some good articles here on snack ideas and pinterest has a ton of followers. One thing I want to do more with is black beans and lentils. Black beans can be made into a filling dip to use with veggies (pinterest, I think). and there is a recipe on there for sweet potato chips you can make in the microwave- if you are looking for a chip alternative. Surfing through that site gave me a lot of ideas and motivation to try some new things.

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4/17/13 10:56 A

I believe the best guideline to follow is -

choose healthy, as close to nature as possible.
Not a bunch of 'processing' (say for the cheese, or the juice), but whole foods, created from good ingredients.

A good book to read is Rich Food, Poor Food, for ideas of additives to avoid

4/17/13 10:46 A

If you get cheese from the deli, you can request it sliced thin. That way you can get a little of the taste without overdoing it. My Mom always did this growing up, so I find the regular cheese slices everyone else eats are actually 'thick' to me! She even asked the grocer what setting on the meat slicer was and always orders her meat and cheese sliced on that setting!

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MARF226 Posts: 138
4/17/13 8:48 A

I agree about full fat cheese and canadian bacon. I'd rather have less of the full fat (and full flavor!) version than more of the other stuff.

Have you considered mini quiches for breakfast instead of the sandwiches? It will save you the calories of the bread, and you can get veggies in too! I use a recipe from South Beach diet but I'm sure there are lots of others, probably here on SP. Just cook them and freeze them. Then pop them in the microwave when you're ready to eat them.



NIRERIN Posts: 13,056
4/17/13 7:59 A

when i buy cheese i tend to buy the store brand in the 2/3 or 3/4 oz slice size. when i open a package, i fold back the cheese, tear it in half and refold the package around the half i am not using. then i take the unwrapped cheese and tear it into strips and put that onto breakfast sandwich type things with a little space between strips. it translates to only adding about 1/3 oz of cheese to the sandwiches, but it spreads out the cheese enough so that there is some on every bite. this also make which one you pick a little less important because you are eating less of it.

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4/17/13 7:41 A

laughing cow cheese is good

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,880
4/16/13 2:10 P

Try the "Cuties" oranges. They are specifically bred to be sweet, small and easy to eat.

Sargento makes thin sliced cheese that is lower calorie and good.

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4/16/13 1:57 P

I also recommend sandwich thins. There are several brands & varieties available.

Canadian bacon - if you (or a friend/relative) have a wholesale club membership, look there. I buy it at the wholesale club and freeze part of the package.

cheese - somebody mentioned the 2% Kraft, it is good (and melts, like REAL cheese should). Cabot's also makes fantastic reduced fat REAL cheese.

if you do wraps instead of sandwiches, you can easily get a serving or two of veggies in your breakfast (add some fresh spinach, peppers, mushrooms, etc.) Or you could add a leaf of Romaine to your sandwich.

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4/16/13 1:32 P

Flatbreads are low cal and nutritious and you can make a great pizza out of them.

A small slice of regular ham is a good low calorie option for a breakfast sandwich. They're also really good made out of sandwich thins.

I really dislike artificial stuff, so will allow myself a small serving of the real deal for cheese. It's worth it to me. :)

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4/16/13 1:25 P

I don't drink juice, but I do like to eat cara cara oranges. Like you, I don't like regular navels, but cara caras are good. Also look into Cuties...the little tiny "oranges" that come in a big bag or crate, they're really tasty.

I made my own breakfast sandwiches before, I would do 5 at a time and wrap individually and just keep in the fridge and heat up wrapped in a paper towel at work. I made my own chicken sausages using this recipe:
t-chicken-sausage-patties/ and froze them in packages of 5. I didn't have some of the seasonings on the list so I just winged it, using stuff like italian seasoning. I don't buy canadian bacon but I do buy regular bacon. I like my store brand Private Selection center-cut bacon... 2 slices is only 50 calories and is much lower in fat than regular bacon. Hormel makes it too, I believe theirs is 70 calories for 2 slices. You could also try out a good quality sliced ham from the deli....packaged stuff is usually full of crap and sodium.

For english muffins, I buy the Thomas Light Whole Grain. They are 100 calories each. and have tons of fiber, 8 grams each. Sometime I'm going to try to make my own but it's a bit labor intensive.

As for cheese... I just buy the Kraft singles when using for something like a breakfast sandwich. Sargento makes "thin" slices of cheese, but I haven't tried them for breakfast sandwiches. You could also try buying blocks of cheese and shredding it. I top stuff like burgers with shredded cheese because you end up using less and still get the cheese flavor. I've found most low fat cheeses to be pretty gross.

If you're interested in checking out the food I've made and liked, come visit me on Pinterest, and feel free to follow me:
JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
4/16/13 1:03 P

There are 100 calorie English Muffins and English Muffins with my fiber. These help pack more nutrition into your calories.

Personally, I find that when it comes to cheese, I prefer less of a good tasting cheese than more of a bad tasting one. I also don't eat that much cheese anymore. For instance, I don't have any on my sandwhiches.

BLBST36 Posts: 351
4/16/13 12:12 P

I use Sargento cheese slices. They have light ones and regular cheese, but Thin slices. I prefer the thin slices most because I don't always want a huge glump of cheese on things.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,395
4/16/13 12:08 P

I get "sourdough" english muffins. I looked at the "whole wheat" ones - and they had more calories than the regular! Which, would be a fair enough tradeoff if i thought they were going to be any better for me, but, the "wheat" claims on industrial-bakery products, I think are sometimes pretty dubious.

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4/16/13 11:54 A

For your orange juice, maybe have a look at your food goals and see if one fits in better for you. If you have high cholesterol, you might want a Heart Smart juice with added plant sterols; if you have trouble hitting your fibre needs, you might want one with lots of pulp; or if you have trouble getting your calcium, you might want one that has added calcium. You already know that a whole fruit is better than just juice, but if this is something that you enjoy, then just look for the one that best suits your individual needs.

For the english muffin, I would look for a whole grain version. If these are too many calories for you, then you might want to look for a "sandwich thin" type version, which tastes the same but is physically much smaller. I personally prefer the "thins" as I like the other flavours to be stronger than the taste of the bun --- I guess the only reason I use a bun at all is to hold it all together!

In my world, there are NO substitutes for canadian bacon or real cheese! I personally can't stand turkey bacon or low fat cheeses. I use the real canadian bacon and real cheeses. What I do not use is cheese slices --- I buy blocks of real full-fat cheeses (sharp cheddar, gruyere, havarti, etc) and shred them at home. I sprinkle 15g (1/2oz) on instead of using a slice. That 15g shredded is more than enough for a breakfast sandwich, or to add to a salad, or to add to an omelet and it melts beautifully. If you are a cheese fan, then this might be a good solution for you, too.

Good luck, and happy shopping!

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CILER11 Posts: 265
4/16/13 11:45 A

As far as orange juice tropicana makes a light version. I've not tried it so I can't swear by it and I'm pretty sure it has artifical sweeteners if you are trying to avoid that. Thomas (?) makes a light whole grain English muffin that is pretty good. As far as light canadian bacon you could go with a lean deli ham. Sargento and Kraft both make good light cheese.

SARAHMO4 Posts: 328
4/16/13 11:40 A

I have thought about the cara cara oranges. As far as regular ones, they are too sour to me or dry. I always get the sour ones or underripe, trying to figure out what to look for when buying them so I can enjoy them more.

-HEALTHYAMY Posts: 2,905
4/16/13 11:37 A

Instead of orange juice how about eating an orange or a grapefruit. You will get the benefit of the fruit's fiber instead of all the excess sugar in the juice.Just a suggestion.

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4/16/13 11:30 A

For cheese I really like the Kraft 2% milk ones. Either shredded or cubed. I think they have them in sliced too.


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4/16/13 11:21 A

I am making a list of what I need to get for when i get groceries on Saturday, There are a few things I want healthier versions of and have never tried a lighter, overall better version of the original. So far the main foods to find "better versions" of are: orange juice, english muffins, sliced cheese and canadian bacon.

The orange juice is for just in the morning, never liked oranges very well and orange juice is my preference and definetly less sour. As for orange juice I want to try a better one, though I will admit I tried simply orange and tasted really weird, not the greatest thing ever.

The others are to make breakfast sandwiches to freeze for on-the-go mornings. If anyone has a good recommendation or alternative I am all game. I have kind of looked into canadian bacon and english muffins, I havent seen a lot of variety or probably missed something.

About the sliced cheese, no clue whats out there for that product and a healthy version. I use it on the sandwiches mainly because if theirs cheese I enjoy egg whites, turkey sausage, and healthy swaps more. If I dont, its just not something I can stick with or like and tend to go back to unhealthy choices within a few days.

I have found that there a lot of healthy foods I do better with if I add a little of what I like in a healthier version. It helps with to enjoy food I like within reason (calorie range, food choices) and ultimately better stay on track towards my goal.

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