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I would suggest that a) you don't look for a "diet" choose a sustainable LifeStyle...
b) read and think about "a)" again.....

Spark IS FREE, the information is accurate, the folks will help you get through the difficult times---we all have them, and can learn from each other.

The Food is simply good healthy, easy to find, what-ever-you-like-to-eat food-that-is-healthy--The important part is that you learn HOW MUCH you need, When you need it, and how to prepare it.....

Check into what calorie range you need...and how much carb, protein, and fats; when you eat healthy amounts then you will lose the cravings, and won't be hungry..... Spark has the information you need to learn this!

Good Luck! And if you choose Spark, WELCOME!!

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NYKOLEL Posts: 689
1/29/14 2:08 A

i would like to know good diets that are easy to follow not make me hungry and cheap and/o r free

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