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8/14/13 5:12 P

I cant help you too much, but I do know it was hard for me to do crunches for years after C-sections. I have had 3, so the muscles were in horrible shape due to them being cut so many times. You might start with standing crunches or crunches on a ball as they are much easier.

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8/14/13 12:19 A

Also do be aware that while there are exercises which can correct diastasis recti, there's no way to actually spot-reduce the fat on your stomach. If the belly you've got is caused by a layer of fat, you'll need to lose fat overall, since fat loss is a total body process, and you can't choose where it comes off!

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8/13/13 6:39 P

Here's a great set of exercises I'd recommend:

Coach Jen

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8/13/13 5:38 P

I have just received clearance to start working out again, I had a C-section and now I am having trouble flattening my stomach. what exercises would you recommend?

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