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7/24/13 10:15 A

I saw you mentioned turbojam; if you're looking at beachbody programs, ChaLEAN Extreme is one of my favorites! I used that when I started lifting, and I still use it because you can ALWAYS track your weights and lift heavier! Right now I'm visiting my family on vacation, and I brought them with me and my resistance bands. I still worked up a sweat using those!!

Gold's gym makes a great set that I purchased for about $15 at WalMart and it comes with 3 bands that you can use separately or combine to have as much or as little resistance as you need. I prefer to use weights, but you can still get a good workout in using the bands.

JACKTIN Posts: 11
7/24/13 2:28 A

I second Leslie Sansone workout DVDs. I enjoy most all of them but have been stuck on the Walk At Home Ultimate 5 day because it is customizable and I think it is a lot of fun. I have joint issues/fatigue due to Lupus, live in and upstairs apartment that is less than 500 sq.ft total and am still able to do a Leslie Sansone workout several times a week. It is low impact with high intensity. She can really make you sweat though, it is great :) Highly recommended!

7/23/13 11:17 P

That's a great question. I'll be watching what others have to say. I enjoy viewing the videos on here. I also have the dvds that came with the purchase of the Spark Solution. I have a couple other videos from Wal-Mart and need more space to do them. So I hope you get a lot of advice on here.

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7/23/13 9:47 P

I've always enjoyed Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds videos. Very basic moves (I'm really uncoordinated), very little space needed, but fun and energetic. She does incorporate resistance bands into some, light weights into others. You can sample her videos before buying by looking her up on YouTube - they've got quite a few posted there.

Hope this helps!

SARAHMO4 Posts: 335
7/23/13 7:40 P

I am looking for a few beginner exercise DVD's that would work well in a small space. I thought trying ones like zumba, or turbojam, but decided to try ones with basic cardio and strength training first. Ones that would be suitable for a small space would be ideal and not too fast paced for learning the movements the right way so I wouldn't get hurt. Some go way too fast for me to learn and understand everything which has been interesting at times.

I do enjoy coach Nicole's a lot for the pace and for the movements and stretching in the videos. The main thing is something to help me be active without a lot of confusion or space restrictions. This is off topic too, but do resistance bands work well in place of dumbbells with most dvds? I thought about this with Coach Nicole's videos but wasn't sure about using those as a substitute.

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