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1/29/14 3:35 A

I actually totally refute the claim that "because of the pain, you WILL NOT LOSE WEIGHT!!! "

I would be inclined to think that your recent illnesses largely to blame for what is happening, and ALSO because of those illnesses, now is not the time to be focusing on weight loss.

Let me ask you a question; When you got sick, were you put on any medications? A LOT of medications can have a 'weight gain' effect, but when you stop taking them, the weight comes off. Prednisone is a really good example of this.

I think that you would be best off asking your Dr about the appropriate dietary course - whether it be something like Ensure, and/or electrolytes to ensure that you are getting some needed nutrients into you.

I know what pain is like. I have suffered a very bad car accident which left me with a few broken ribs - one the Dr told me was life-threatening, and a broken clavicle, as well as other injuries. I also have arthritis of the spine as well as scoliosis. The pain at times was very severe (including the non-accident causes) and there have been many times when my cocktail of strong pain relief didn't work and I had to have morphine. But you know what? Look at my weight ticker! I have lost a bucket load of weight. It CAN and DOES come off, but we really need to put our minds to it. In your case, WHEN you are well, not before!

A lot of physiotherapy and appropriate exercises helped me with the pain, and build up stronger muscles so that the pain reduced.

As far as my weight-loss is concerned, I wasn't able to shift my weight AT ALL, even tho' I always ate a really healthy diet, and within a normal healthy calorie range. I was still gaining slowly. In the end, to help me re the pain and to get my HbA1c (borderline pre-Diabetic) and very high cholesterol under control, my Dr sent me to a Registered Dietitian. I had been on SP for a year at the time without success. I took some printouts for her to look at. She told me that what I had been eating was what they normally put someone my weight ON to lose weight, and that she could see what my problem was. It was a very sluggish metabolism. With that she set me on the right course. It didn't take much of a tweak, but after that the weight started to come off. It took 16 months for the first 50lb to drop, and then I happily sat there for a year. I am now at goal weight and have been maintaining for 3 years. I still weigh all of my food and record it all in the Nutrition Tracker to ensure that I stay there.

If you feel you must do something (again, when you are well) ask your Dr for a referral to a Registered Dietitian and take some of your Nutrition Reports. (Make sure that you are totally honest with your recordings.)

Good luck and I wish you a speedy recovery!

1/28/14 12:26 P

Your body has been through a lot recently. Illness and medications can dramatically change the way you react to food or lack of foods (inflammation, water retention, etc). I would gently encourage you to not give up on healthy eating once you recover. If you want to try some sort of supplementary treatment that is up to you but I wouldn't be convinced if that is what solely responsible when you lose weight in the future.

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1/28/14 11:07 A

Good morning Broadbrush,

It troubles me to see this sort of affirmation as I have so often been shown the power of our thoughts and words, how we self-talk.

I am so sorry you are suffering and hope you will find ways to see things that are working in your life and gifts you have to be grateful for in your life. I do think gratitude is a great antidote to negative outlooks.

Check out this article.

BROADBRUSH Posts: 1,806
1/28/14 8:34 A

you are absolutely correct - every one is different. i speak more to people such as myself that are overweight and whose body became accustomed to various dieting modalities over time. also just being older and metabolism not up to par.
thanks for the information though - and the well wishes. i really need to get back on track .

BELLYDOG Posts: 2,203
1/28/14 7:46 A

I am not in the same boat. But I did read an article about helping people that have had their flora killed off with antibiotics. And my SIL knew someone that dealt with that issue for a number of years. It took a fecal transplant to actually get her back to normal. The article was about how they are perfecting the method and getting it into pill form so it is more palatable.

Anyway, I had an intestinal virus that had me flat for 10 days and two weeks later I had an intestinal bacteria that had me flat (well really in the fetal position) for another 10 days. I barely ate and only drank gatorade or sprite. I lost 15 pounds. So everybody is different. You are an experiment of one. What works for someone else might have no effect for you. Sometimes that is just the way that it is. Good luck with becoming painfree again.

BROADBRUSH Posts: 1,806
1/27/14 9:20 P

this is a fact. for me the pain puts my body through so much trauma, grief and agony - it cannot cope with anything else.
i have been through TWO bouts of the abscessed tooth which really almost killed me. i narrowly missed having to have a trach and the antibiotics lasted almost six weeks, stripping me of all the good flora and fauna. despite my taking pro biotics, yogurt and living on clear broth - i GAINED poundage.
now i have this gastro entrinitis which is now in the second week. a week of living in the toilet, heaving , wretching and feeling like i have several cracked ribs from it all. i can hardly move - and you can count the calorie intake on one hand. again - i HAVE STAYED with the gain i got with the abscess - and after 1000 flushes more or less - did not lose anything.
believe me - i would much rather have my smoothie, and eat regularly and wisely - but still, nothing happens.
anyway - i again vehemently oppose CALORIES IN/ vs CALORIES OUT theory.
i am seriously thinking of scraping some $$ together for some type of eastern modality - accupressure, accupuncture, reflexology - i have no insurance, still have to finish with the root canal so i am not sure exactly how - but i only know i have to seek help.
anybody else out there in the same boat!!!!

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