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1/12/15 2:07 P

SUBTEACH55 - I responded to your other post about this.

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1/11/15 9:21 P


Can you please help me.. Sparker lights up green to full circle, however has stopped blinking.
Tracker is not providing "workout" calorie goals, yet I worked for 71 minutes. Battery level shows a good amount still in battery, and it's just 3 months old if that. Is the battery lower than I think it is? Help appreciated and thank you. Might Sparker be defective?

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8/22/14 7:08 P

Thank you here I was thinking I was just too active and wearing it out emoticon

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8/22/14 5:30 P

A new battery will last 6-12 months depending on usage. However, we put batteries in the Spark at the factory, so you don't have to install when you receive your Spark. So sometimes between the factory and your receipt of the Spark, your battery will arrive already used a bit. Things happen like the Spark shaking during shipping, which has the Spark track movement and light its lights. This is a big reason we provide you a 2nd unused battery with your Spark. When you use a brand new battery, it should last much longer than the one that was already put in at the factory.

Coach Denise

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8/22/14 5:07 P

I have had my tracker for 1 month and the battery is at 50%. Is this the typical life for the battery?

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