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DOODLELU Posts: 34
10/9/11 2:42 P

I got this two days ago also. I have used it a couple of times and really like it!
Coincedentally, I had spoken with a woman at Walmart last week who had a similar app for weight watchers on her Iphone and had thought it would be so nice to use something like that to automatically enter meals.
Thanks for reading my mind!
Keep up the great work!

10/8/11 11:43 A

I just got the notification on my driod that SP had an update which includes the barcode scanner. This is awesome!!! I only say that because I joined SP a few months ago and lost a few pounds but then seemed to be stuck. I noticed it was due me not logging in all the time to track because it just seemed to take to long so I would wait tilI had time....waited until it was to late, gone over my cal. Limit. My sister found another site that offered tracking calories,.activities....a site very much similar to spark people the only difference was the barcode scanner. I joined that site four weeks ago, and been a scanning machine! I lost 5 more pounds (I've made it ti 20 lost!!) While I was happy about this I was also sad. The other site was helping cause of the quickness with the scanner but sad because I really liked a lot of other features from SP (running programs, spinning wheel, recipes, etc). I was logging into both sites and it was just tiresome.....BUT NOW!!!!! SP has the barcode, its only in experimental mode but will improve, I can go back to the fun of SP and the quickness of scanning!!!!! Waahooooo!!!!!!

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