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9/23/13 12:09 A

Next time you can pour a little oil into a tiny dish, weigh it, coat the chicken breasts, and then if there's any left in the dish, weigh it again and subtract from the first weight. That will tell you exactly how much you used.

You can also cook the breast with the skin on and then remove the skin before you eat the chicken. That technique has been analysed in a lab and it doesn't add any fat as long as you don't eat the skin.

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9/22/13 9:27 P

No I just coated them with it :/

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9/22/13 9:25 P

Did you measure and track the oil?

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9/22/13 8:13 P

They turned out really good. I just used salt and pepper to season them. I feel like maybe I used too much oil but I am not sure. I just didn't want them to be dry.

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9/22/13 8:07 P

Sure, why wouldn't it be?

Assuming they weren't "swimming" in oil, I'm sure it was fine :)

How did they taste? Did you use anything else to flavor them? Just curious!

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9/22/13 8:05 P

I baked chicken breast tonight. I coated each breast with olive oil. I am wondering if this is okay?

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