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MARIA11X Posts: 513
8/3/12 1:24 A

At least you are aware that you made some choices that you realize are not as good for you. Recognition is much better than being totally oblivious. And being accountable to yourself and admitting what you did is a lot healthier than being in denial or saying, "oh well" and giving up. So don't feel so bad, and don't put yourself down about it. Just maybe try to figure out what you were thinking and feeling at those moments when you decided to give in. Were you by yourself? or with friends? If you were alone, were you stressed, or depressed? If you were with friends, did you feel pressured, or were they telling you that it was ok because they were eating bad too?

I find that when I am by myself, I have much more control. I have one or two friends that I don't spend as much time with anymore, who tend to push food on me and try to talk me into eating bad stuff because they do not want to make better choices with food, so they want everyone around them to eat just as bad. I have other friends that enjoy healthy food like I do, and they will encourage me to make good choices.

I don't get many bad cravings, since I don't have much of a sweet tooth. When I do have a dessert (rarely), I will stick to from your example, I would have chosen the cupcake or the cheesecake, not both. Not to say that you did the wrong thing, but for me, I have to watch my sugar intake. I am not able to eat artificial sweeteners. I get bad reactions from them, so I have to use only "real" sugar. Because of this, I have to be more careful with how much I use.

I usually eat fruit if I want something sweet. On the occasion that I want chocolate, I will either make a cup of hot cocoa and sip it, or I will eat a bite size piece of chocolate candy, and that usually takes away the craving.

KGWINDER Posts: 1,503
8/3/12 12:13 A

Sugar make you want more sweet. Just stop eating anything with sugar for about three days - instead for your sweet use fresh fruit. The cravings will lessen!

SHELLYGON321 Posts: 1,438
8/2/12 9:58 P

No problem! It can be really hard to make these changes. Once your body gets used to eating healthy food, you wont have those cravings so often, but during the transition they can be a beast!! Having a healthy alternative is a necessity for me. I have actually left my house at 11 pm before to satisfy a sweet tooth. lol. The bars help!

VORTY_ Posts: 9
8/2/12 9:55 P

Thank you so much! I think I'll look into getting some of those special k bars.

SHELLYGON321 Posts: 1,438
8/2/12 9:53 P

Drinking water can help. Also, I have special K protein bars. They're not as "good for you" as they should be, but they're better than a full blown snack. I get the chocolate protein bars so when I have my sweet tooth, I grab a bar. One step at a time!

VORTY_ Posts: 9
8/2/12 9:28 P

I made so many bad choices today. Gave in and ate a cupcake and cheesecake and ugh I feel really fat and gross and I just want to know what you do when you have those bad cravings? How do you deal with it?!

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