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Nothing wrong with that. I know there are some here that are firm believers in starting ALL your needed actions at once. And eventually one definitely needs to do nutrition, ST and Cardio throughout the week and life. But not everyone is wired that way or have all their ducks in a row, so they have to start slow and with one thing at a time. It still works.

I started getting my eating habits in line first, then my cardio, then my ST. It was easier for me to work one at a time to make sure I was doing things properly and it has worked great for me. Now this process only took me a few weeks, so I am completely sure I didn't hurt my process any by not doing them all at once. Just make sure that you are working towards getting all 3 of them as soon as possible. I am shocked to see how many folks have went years and lost many pounds without every doing ST. Yes, they lost their weight, but sadly, much of it was muscle too.

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GOOD FOR YOU!!! I am just now getting back into the gym as well. I know what helps me not worry about other people.. I wear a hat. If I dont wear it I notice more of what is going on around the gym rather then focusing on my workout. You want to start of slow of course but not to slow. Good Luck!!!

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So I recently just got a gym membership again.For this week i was just gonna do all cardio, till I feel comfortable there. Then next week star back with my strength training. Its a co-ed gym, so all the big huge guys kinda put me off, thats why im waiting a week so get used to the feel of the gym.Good idea?

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