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6/1/13 1:17 P

Welcome back!

Here's a link to our Diabetes Condition Center:

From here you can join our SparkD program, which will provide you with meal plans and other info specific to your diabetic needs.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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6/1/13 8:36 A

Hello every one
as usual life got in the way and I have been gone for a long time. Now I am back, hopefully to stay a long time. But I have been away for so long and the place has changed. I get confused very easily as to where I posted and how I should be posting.
I have many isssues (who doesn't?), but primarily my diabetes needs to be put in check. Could some one help me with this by telling me which boards are best and how to track with the boards, etc. I would appreciate this much.

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