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2/19/14 3:11 P

I think it would be unrealistic to expect that you would have the same calorie deficit every day, unless you're a pet being fed the same bowl of kibble every day. Leave yourself some room for variance. You'll be doing well if you can achieve exactly that goal even for the week.

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2/19/14 2:21 P

This is a great topic! I think concentrating on the deficit for the week would be easier to sustain therefor might lead to greater weight loss.

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2/19/14 12:39 P

I'd say, 3... But. But you don't want a day where you eat less than 1200 calories. So no starving yourself, so you can have a blow-out on Friday night, and it all averages out. You don't want to exercise for 6 hours on Friday, to make up for the fact that you laid around like a slug for 5 days straight during the week. It would all average out, but it would be extremes and it's sort of outside the well-balanced mindset.

A better approach is the one Eelpie mentioned. Closer to the bottom of your range for a few days, then even if you go over *a bit* for a couple days, it averages out. Some days I'm just not all that hungry after I've hit the bottom of my range... I don't see any point eating things just because I've got calories left. Other days, I truly am hungrier, so I eat more. It averages out.

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2/19/14 12:35 P

I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but at your low weight and with only 2 pounds until goal, you probably won't lose 1 pound or even half a pound a week. As you approach goal (and really, 2 pounds is within that margin of error) you're looking at ounces of weight loss as your body just doesn't have as much to shed.

To answer what you are actually asking, I agree that 3 is the best answer - what you do day to day isn't so important as trends over time.

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2/19/14 10:35 A

lol, that is a lot of math :)

3 is my final answer.

In the beginning I did it day by day, but then I realized it's the same at the end of the week regardless - and that helped a lot mentally for me. It helped me become less obsessive about it when I realized I was doing the same amount of calories. 3 days sticking at 1200, 2 days at 1700 gives me an average of 1400 for 5 days - which is still 100 less than the top of my range of 1500.

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2/19/14 10:23 A

Which works better...
1) to have a daily deficit of the same amount or
2) to have an avg desired daily deficit with the desired total weekly deficit? Or...
3) it makes no difference

In other words, if I want to lose a half-pound a day, I would need to have a daily deficit of 250 calories or 1,750 calories a week. If I wanted to lose a pound a week, I would need to have a daily deficit of 500 calories or 3,500 calories a week.

What works better...
1) have a daily deficit of 250 (500) calories each day to get a total deficit of 1,750 (3,500) calories for the week
2) have a total deficit add up to 1,750 (3,500) but the daily deficit could be different each day during that week. In fact some days, you may eat more than you burn. But that's OK. So long as the total calories burned for the week is 1,750 (3,500) more than you ate for the week.
3) it doesn't matter whether it's (1) or (2), so long as I get the total deficit for the week

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