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MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (10,335)
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4/13/13 9:24 A

No guilt and move on.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
4/13/13 8:25 A

put it behind you and learn from it.

you've recognized something, and that's a learning experience.

50SGRANNY SparkPoints: (17,477)
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4/12/13 6:00 P

I had an avalanche yesterday, same thing. I was doing well, until I had that ginger snap cookie. That turned into 5 cookies, because that IS a serving size, after all. That turned into just mindlessly shoving cookies into my mouth until I finally joined the Control Your Sugar Cravings challenge. Now I'm eating some apple slices :)

LORIVIOLA SparkPoints: (127,058)
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4/12/13 5:45 P

i have had an eating avalanche...
i did well this morning, and pretty well at lunch. then my co-worker offered me a cookie,,, and it was all down hill from there...

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