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10/17/13 11:04 A

I agree with you officialoldy and I'm the same way about the slow weight loss. I also like to read the articles for little reminders, then I try not to beat myself up when I realize I'm quite off path. Although I'm sure for the future I wouldn't mind reading articles for the more experienced dieters or exercisers.. but for now some of those workout videos are fairly complex for someone who is just looking to change it up to increase calorie burning.

10/16/13 6:34 A

I'm really a slow looser and plateaus are the usual for me. Sometimes going back to articles I've read reminds me of things I forgot, like the importance of accurate measuring. I was surprised by how lax I'd become. You Spark Staff do a great job of repackaging the basic facts of exercising and loosing weight. I like to think of it as being "creatively redundant" It is so effective for me. Thanks.

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10/15/13 11:07 A

Thanks for the feedback! I will pass it along.

Coach Jen

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10/15/13 10:54 A

Today's article on ways to cut 100 calories from your diet (which includes mainly "newbie" hints and tips that many of us incorporated into our lives long ago) brings up an issue that I'd love to see addressed:

"So, you've been at this weightloss/fitness/wellness thing for years now. You park at the other end of the parking lot daily, take every staircase in town, haven't had a soda in ten years, and wouldn't eat a french fry if you were starving. You lost some weight and you're a bit fitter. But you're still above your goal weight or not truly fit. Now what?"

I'm thinking about titles like --

"Subtract 100 Calories from Your Healthy Diet"
"Add This One Critical Exercise to Your Routine"
"Small Changes to Get You Past That Plateau"
"How Much Exercise is Enough for These Five Fitness Goals"




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