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8/4/12 5:42 A

Your arthritis sounds exactly like mine! Pain free for weeks & months and then aches! Depending on the intensity and joint affected, I can usually wrap that area with a tensor and still workout but there are some days where you just can't. My type is somewhat rare: it's "palaendromic" ( or something like that? ) moves around from joint to joint and will last usually 24-48 hours. I try to push through it and remind myself that I am stronger than it is!

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8/3/12 12:59 P arthritic condition is flaring up and making me want to just sit and do nothing. I am not going to allow it because I know I will feel better afterwards. Though I am a lost for why sometimes I feel no pain for weeks and then suddenly every joint ( no lie) from my toe joints to my neck just ache and throb. Gotta ask my Doc this. Can be very annoying when it starts to get in the way of motivation. ahh oh well, it could be worse I know ....just looking forward to this flare to end. :-)

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