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10/30/13 12:56 P

almost all corn is gmo.... genetically modified with a taste of round up included...

potatoes have some merits but are the lowest of the list of vegetables and better than grain

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10/30/13 12:53 P

Why would it matter? Track them and look at the actual nutritional values.

Both are VERY high in carbs, though it could be argued that eating either is still better for you than a processed carb like bread or pasta.

10/30/13 10:14 A

Corn is a grain. Potatoes are a root vegetable. Both are very starchy and I would count them as a starch.

Your plate should be 1/4 starch, 1/4 meat and 1/2 colourful vegetables.

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10/30/13 9:22 A

they are starches

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10/30/13 9:01 A

Potatoes show nearly three times the impact of sweets and desserts.

Red Potatoes also have less starch in them than white potatoes. Potatoes and corn are complex carbs. Also known as starch.....complex carbohydrates provide a steady supply of energy.

Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates. Yes, eat the skin because that's where the fiber, minerals, and nutrients vitamin C, vitamin B and potassium. Potatoes are also low in calories.

Mash potatoes with steamed cauliflower...... the potatoes taste the same and of course its much healthier because there is less starch....a little plain yogurt makes them creamier....

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10/30/13 8:38 A

Technically, corn is a grain. However, most people count it as a vegetable.

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10/30/13 7:07 A

if you go by usda guidelines, they are both vegetables. though they are considered starchy ones, so you should try and limit to one serving a day of the starchy kind [in other words, don't have beans and two potatoes and two servings of corn and try to call that your vegetables. you need some of the green leafies and other lower cal and starch veggies in there too].

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10/30/13 3:20 A

Corn and Potatoes are starchy, yes, but they are also vegetables with good nutrients in them especially when you eat the skin on the potato as well. Just don't load them with butter or sauces, and with the potato, make it 1/4 of what is on your plate, along with 1/4 lean protein and the 1/2 that is left a rainbow of colour with veges. If you are Diabetic your Dietitian or Diabetes Nurse will advise you re carb consumption.


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10/30/13 2:23 A

I have heard that corn is a starch someone said it is a grain making it bread and cereal group. So i thought potatoes are like this too? Give me your input.

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