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7/24/13 7:56 P

I'm on 2nd day of 3rd week. I'm not really hungry, but fighting to stay the course. I think I'm feeling sorry for myself.

Have you found the main 5.2 (or 2.5) fast team? I originally found them thru google. There are at least 10 people on various stages. Maybe it's under "fast diet".

I'm due another pound off.

2012MERRY SparkPoints: (3,225)
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7/24/13 7:38 P

fasted yesterday ........feeling okay

KIM22211 SparkPoints: (123,858)
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7/24/13 1:48 A

never heard of it before

2012MERRY SparkPoints: (3,225)
Fitness Minutes: (2,510)
Posts: 94
7/24/13 1:19 A

I have never heard of it so will have to read up on it
but am willing to give it a go

FORESTPAL SparkPoints: (7,573)
Fitness Minutes: (654)
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7/23/13 7:19 P

I've run accross others doing the 5.2, but lose track of them. I started a couple weeks ago, and today is the first of my 2 days this week. Tues & Wed. My 1st went well; the second had 4 days in the 500's, but none 500 0r under.

I have a pet peve with starting a new thread when posting. I've lost several good boards that way. I found you by searching for one I lost yesterday.

Are you still on 5.2?

CURVESDIVA2000 Posts: 142
6/17/13 2:35 P

im starting today.
and would love some one to talk to
ex low cal days is mon and thurs
regular healthy eating days are the other days
it sounds like a healthy life style i can follow

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