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anyone know of a good bellydancing for fitness?

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1/17/12 7:39 P


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1/16/12 12:37 P

Collage Video also has some belly dancing DVD's.

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1/16/12 12:27 A

There was one DVD that I had gotten a couple of years back called "Belly Dancing for Whimps" It's actually a belly dancing workout DVD. I only did it a few times because, well, I trip over my shadow and dancing just isn't my thing. But, I think since you have some experience with it, you might enjoy it.

You can find it on Amazon for about 10 bucks.

It was fun! I recommend it!

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1/16/12 12:17 A

A company called "World Dance New York" has a number of them, look for ones that either say "workout" or have a "flow" in them (where you can dance non-stop without breaks for instruction.) They also have decent length clips for their dvds's you can watch to see if you like the dance style or instructors persona. There website is , their dvds are also all on Amazon.

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1/15/12 9:54 P

I had taken some belly dancing classes and LOVED them but my teacher moved away. I was wondering if anyone would know of a DVD focused on Belly Dancing Workouts. I am not interested in ones that contain pilates/zumba. And I do not have any kind of fancy gaming system (such as wii). Thanks for the sugestions in advance!

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