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When it comes to freezer jams I like the Ball brand pectin. Also, you want your fruit ripe but NOT overripe - it won't set up. They are actually very easy to make.
Canning, a pressure cooker is an investment (around $75-100) but worth it if you are serious about it.
If you know any older folks (seniors), or have a senior community center near you, I would go there and ask them! Those older ladies can be a goldmine of information that alot of us younger folks never learned.
I learned to can from my mother and I still do it on occasion - I can't keep everything in the freezer. I like to can homemade spaghetti sauce (no meat, I add that when I actually make a spaghetti dinner) with home-grown tomatoes and peppers and onions....
I think Ball still makes their "BlueBook" of canning - you can look for that. Also like another poster mentioned, the extension services.

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2/10/12 11:11 A

Canning is a lot of fun, and a lot of work. It takes a lot of equipment (although you can make do with just a big pot instead of one designed for canning)... First step would be to go to a good canning website - I'd look for info on a cooperative extension site because they teach things like canning all the time. That would let you know what equipement you need. Once you are all set up you would need to find a good recipe, again google is a great way to start. Also, in the package for the pectin that you would use for the canning there are directions for different jams and jellys. Be sure to follow the amounts and times precisely, especially the amounts. If you are off then your jam won't set properly. Good luck!!

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Canning requires more time & effort than making freezer products. Jars, sealable lids, a canning cooker for the hot water baths, incremental storage space, all are things that require consideration and investment.

A good source of information is here,

I grew up canning; it was a large part of how we fed a family of 6 on a minimal budget and without making trips to grocery that were several hours away for staples. Once you have the process down, you'll be safe and confident each time. I don't do it now because we don't NEED that quantity of food and - for small quantities - freezer methods work better for me.

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2/9/12 11:28 P

I'm going to make some freezer jam over the weekend, but when I was reading the various recipes I got curious about canning. Anyone able to tell me (in easy terms) the basics of canning?? Thanks!

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