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2/8/13 10:55 A

I have torn miniscuses (miniscii?) in both knees. They never feel tight, but if I overdo the running, they take turns feeling painful, one usually worse than the other.

I have a little knee band thing that I put just under my kneecap which seems to prevent it from hurting too much, but I try not to rely on it too much because long-term use of these types of braces can cause additional problems. I went to a physical therapist for a while who said the best thing to do is build up all the muscles around the knee so that any stresses are on the muscles and not the joint.

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2/7/13 2:13 P

Long story short, I tore my ACL in high school and it hasn't been right since. I've had knee problems off/on for years. Some days, I'm fine and can do just about anything. Other times, all I can do is walk or maybe use the recumbent cycle. My knee has its good and bad days.

Even though your ACL injury is from 1.5 years ago, your knee is still extremely weak and probably unstable. You need to avoid any high impact types of exercises. So jumping jacks or plyometric exercises are out. running is out too. You should stick to low impact exercises and strength training.

You can do the 30 Day Shred, but you may want to march in place whenever they do jumping jacks or hopping/jumping.

Do you have a bike ? Cycling is low impact and should be easier on your knee. Swimming is another great cardiovascular option. I've been cycling for years and my knees are fine. My knees are not fine when they do high impact stuff. I can feel it.

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2/7/13 11:18 A

I tore my ACL and meniscus 1.5 years ago. I never had it repaired; just did PT. I am trying to get fit and started the 30 day shred 2 days ago.

The knee with the injury feels does not hurt. I was wondering if anyone with an unrepaired ACL has exprienced this when they resumed exercising...I think I will take a break today from the video, but was hoping other people could share their experiences......

Thank you!

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