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METAMORPH2010 Posts: 141
11/18/11 7:15 P

I'm back to using PGX, and it is helping somewhat. I can go longer without eating, and I'm not so ravenous as I was ... merely hungry.

I am eating a very welll balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables as well as pleny of whole grains, mainly brown rice, millet, and quinoa. Usually my fiber count is higher than the range SP gives, even without the PGX. And at 2000 calories, I'm not exactly starving myself. (I'm also going to the gym three times a week for an intense circuit workout -- weights and cardio combined. I plan to add swimming on the non-gym days, but Rome wasn't built in a day.)

But without the PGX, I do feel as if I'm starving myself. Like I said in my original post, I'm not looking for an easy solution or a substitute for hard work, just a bit of a boost.

And I will never take 18 capsules in a day. Right now I have just upped my dosage from 2 per meal to 3 per meal. I'll experiment a bit. And once my body is used to this ruddy portion control stuff, I'll wean myself off of it. In the meantime, it's probably cheaper than the food I'm not eating. (I was probably eating about 3000 calories/day before I started up again with SP.)

It's like using crutches when you have a broken leg. You wouldn't tell somebody who broke their leg that they got themselves into the mess and only exercise will get them out of it...

I'll try to remember to come back and post again a few weeks down the road when things are settled a bit.


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METAMORPH2010 Posts: 141
3/7/11 3:45 A

My sister-in-law swears by this product. Using it as an aid (not a solution) along with healthy eating and plenty of exercise, she has lost a lot of weight.

My brief attempts have resulted in loose stools, but I plan to attempt a more gradual approach with it again -- once I get my eating schedule in better shape so that I do take it 15 minutes before meals!

It is not meant to be taken for life. It simply helps with the weight loss and cravings until you begin to get things under control.

I respect my SIL highly, so I am inclined to think this product is a good thing. I am hoping to find an article about it, however, by the SP experts. Anybody seen anything? A search mostly brings up posts such as this one.


MARGARITA_MRS SparkPoints: (1,749)
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1/6/11 9:42 P

I am taking PGX and found it to be a HUGE help with cravings!! I vary the number of capsules depending on the severity of cravings I'm having. If I feel like it's going to be a tough night, I take 3 before dinner.

Otherwise, I take one before breakfast and usually 2 before lunch.

I also find it makes me a bit constipated. :P

DOUGLYE Posts: 1,541
12/13/10 1:31 P

I have tried PGX. Initially, even at a starting dose, you will probably get the runs for a day or 2. It is supposed to be taken 1/2 hour before meals to fill you up and it is supposed to regulate sugar levels. The suggested dosage is 3-6 softgels per meal. (3 meals X 6) 18 pills a day means that a bottle of 120 pills will last less than 7 days @ $35 a bottle = $140 a month, $1,680 a year.

It does work a little bit to help you feel satisfied before meals (can't comment on the sugar levels). This is all right if you want to take it for the rest of your life. ($1,680 a year X ? = too much)

Now that I am using Sparks, the rest of the PGX bottle is getting stale on my shelf as I learn proper portion control and balanced eating. I have also checked off 'fibre' as one of the nutrients I want to track to make sure I am getting a natural source of fibre in my diet.

Save your money.

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ANARIE Posts: 13,185
12/13/10 3:19 A

This is an expensive fiber supplement whose marketers make health claims that would not be legal in the U.S. Their website claims that they've published all sorts of research on it. While there are a few articles, most of what they cite is research on OTHER products, and most of it just found that the products were safe, not that they were effective.

If you need to control your blood glucose, talk to your doctor before you take anything. If you're getting enough fiber from food, you probably wouldn't benefit much from a fiber supplement even it it did have evidence that it worked.

GRACEINAZ Posts: 2,271
12/12/10 11:47 P

Yes, you can do alot to regular your blood sugar with diet and exercise. However, PGX has shown itself to be helpful in keeping blood sugar stable. The product was intended for that purpose but a study showed the diabetic subjects losing weight on it as well.

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
12/12/10 1:24 P

Dear Chantini,
It is best to make your blood sugar more stable by 1. using your 4 fruits divided over the day
2. using vegetables at lunch and dinner
3. using a slice of complex carb bread to breakfast and lunch..

There three carb groups if used correctly can keep your blood sugar from dropping drastically..

Using all three types compliment each other, and simple sugars in fruit are a better quality than junkfood carbs..

-POOKIE- SparkPoints: (319,708)
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12/9/10 8:45 A



Learning about foods, what they can do, its so much more worthwhile... you set yourself up with lifetimes knowledge that will help you towards your goals!

A pill lasts a month, you stop, you gain weight, you lost nothing but weight from your wallet... and you have learnt nothing either.

Read, research, try things out that woprk for YOU.

I lost more than half my body weight without a single celebrity endorsed, paid for, pseudo-science trick. I literally worked my butt off.

And I'm proud of that.

We are the only people who can change our lives. Sooner you accept you put yourself here, so its up to you to pull yourself back up.

CHANTINI SparkPoints: (0)
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12/9/10 8:41 A

thanks pookie for the words of encouragement....I was hoping to have something to help regulate my blood sugar but I guess just eating well and exercising should do that on it's own!

-POOKIE- SparkPoints: (319,708)
Fitness Minutes: (95,300)
Posts: 21,485
12/9/10 8:39 A

Pills dont work!

YOUR hard work is what works.

Fads, expensive pills/injections, stupidly low calorie plans, eat this ONLY.... all a waste of time, money and effort... and potentially harmful to your health.

Live a healthy lifestyle, learn about nutrition and you lose weight. Its a simple concept.

CHANTINI SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,755)
Posts: 13
12/9/10 8:25 A

has anyone tried PGX to help regulate blood sugar and cravings??

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