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11/22/11 11:18 A

Good for you annabell we never give up

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11/22/11 9:59 A

Born in 1938, have dieted all my life; however, hoping I can stick to it now. Need all the encouragement I can get. Great to know there's people my age still trying and struggling with the weight battle. emoticon

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11/4/11 7:40 P

I was born in 1939. Just getting started (again)--need to lose 50+ lbs.

BILL97 Posts: 1
11/4/11 3:04 P

I am close 1938, my wife who lost 70lbs at WW was born 1937. She has told me that it is the tracking and companionship at WW that helped her, I am hoping to do that on this site.

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11/3/11 8:41 P

Glad to have you here! Good luck to you!


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10/30/11 8:49 A

I'm very new at this but would love to here from someone my age and still trying to lose weight.....but we need to still have pride and that helps us for our health as well.

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