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6/25/11 2:12 P

I do like donuts but I try not to have them that often. But I stick to the glazed, old fashioned.

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6/25/11 11:22 A

Hello Spark friend! I know what you mean about "THE DONUT"!!! Yesterday, I was out and we stopped at Dunkin drive-thru. I wanted to pick up some donuts for my mother (No, seriously, it really was for my mom!!! She had been so hungry for a glazed donut from there!). Well, anyway, I bought a dozen because there are many people who come and go at out home. I am always stumped when I am at a drive-thru like that. Mainly because I am conscious of people waiting in the next car behind me. So, the mind goes blank suddenly...not being able to remember all the various types of donuts that can be chosen (No pressure....just cars waiting behind! haha). I did pick out the first nine, but in the last four, I just asked the lady to "mix in anything". I was deliberately not going to order MY favorite kind of donut (The creme-filled white powdered ones). Well, when I opened the box to see which four she had randomly chosen for me, there it was......yes, there was a creme-filled white powdered donut!!!!! Blast it all....just what I did not want to get for once. Lol. Anyway, I brought it to my sister's attention, and we both laughed about it. We had my little 3 year old niece with us, so we stopped at Sheetz so that she could get something different for her. I went in and bought a Disney Foodle, and ate it instead! And, just in the nick of time, because I was getting hungry! Anything but "THE DONUT"! My mother finally had that donut this morning at breakfast, so temptation removed!! Besides, don't donuts just sort of make you feel sick in the tummy afterward anyway? So, I "escaped" that "by the skin of my teeth". Lo. l You are right, we do not need "THE DONUT"! Who was it that coined the phrase, "A moment on the lips, forever on the hips"? Once again, you are right, it just is not worth it! Thanks!!!

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6/25/11 10:17 A

I say HE'LL NO to donuts. For me that would be the stairway to bad. Dint get me wrong, I love them but they r not worth the greatness I've achieved so far.

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6/25/11 6:37 A

I think that anything is fine in moderation. As soon as put something off limits, it's all I want!

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6/25/11 4:43 A

For me once an awhile a donut is fine. I feel that way about icecream too. I would rather have the real thing once an awhile and just watch the portion.

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6/25/11 1:28 A

I do NOT do donuts at all.....totally JUNK FOOD!

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6/25/11 12:58 A

A true donut is deep fried and is bad for us.. 100% saturated fat..

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6/24/11 5:02 P

Has anyone seen article on the donuts lately? I didn't know you could get donuts at certain restaurants making them a meal and replacing the buns with donuts. Weird! I thought plain donuts were bad.
The link to the article is:

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