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8/18/14 1:24 P

Thank you

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8/17/14 8:51 P

You need to find what works for you. Before joining try the following:
1.track everything you eat on this site. Stay between ur daily food allowance. Just by doing this, you should start losing.
2. Up your protein and lower ur sugar and carbs.
3. Start doing some type activity.
4.ask questions. I find the answers on this site are better than ww.

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8/17/14 8:27 P

My mom and I did Weight Watchers. Even though she had a significantly more weight to lose. She still got 26 points a day. With 49 bonus points every week. Same as me. My dad was also doing weight watchers. He started out at 45 points or something like that. And it seems like after every ten pounds he lost, his points adjusted. When he quit doing it, he was at 37 points

I am the only one doing it now and keeping track of my parents points on a piece of paper

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8/16/14 6:40 P

Take Off Pounds Sensibly. Same idea.

8/16/14 2:48 P

Never heard of TOPS

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8/16/14 2:33 P

Have you looked into TOPS?

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8/16/14 11:32 A

Weight Watchers is basically counting calories in a balanced diet. They just use something called 'Points Plus' to break down food items to 'weight' the value of foods and encourage more fiber, less fat, etc. However, you're not forbidden any of those foods. If you can fit them into your points plus range, you're golden, and you will lose weight staying within your range (which is figured for you, and recalculated as you lose weight).

Going to the meetings keeps you focused, provides accountability (the scale is accurate, they recalibrate each scale at the start of weigh-ins, they provide a permanent record of your weight and that's not negotiable!) Going to meetings provides great support and great information. The Weight Watcher foods - meh, you don't have to buy them or eat them. The Weight Watcher cookbooks - fantastic, they have only gotten better each year. The Weight Watcher leaders - generally very good and if you don't like one, go to a different meeting.

All of this, except the scale and the meetings, you can do on your own. The tips come out of the meetings every week and they are motivational and practical. There's a pamphlet given out at every meeting and I've kept all of mine - they are very good.

Spark People provides most of the above, just online. Weight Watchers is online, too.

At WW, you actually see people losing weight, not hear about it. This is something you can only get from the meetings - or follow a friend's progress on WW. That' the strength of the Weight Watchers meetings that are held in companies - you have to work with those people!

If you're interested in specifics, there's a Weight Watchers Team here on Spark People.

Just like Spark People, no one 'checks up on you' to make sure you are eating some things and not other things - unless you are not losing weight and want to find out why. At WW, the leader would sit down with you and go over food logs, for example. Here, you could get answers if you wanted from a registered dietician, who like anybody, would be hampered by using second-hand knowledge of what your food portions are. You're the only one figuring out if it's a large apple - without weighing it!

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8/15/14 1:59 P

not able to afford Weight watchers and wonder what I or we can learn to help me, us here?

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