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any tips on how to avoid late night snacking?

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Posts: 6,255
1/9/13 9:39 A

I used to snack a lot at night but changed it by keeping busy doing other things. Read a book, get on the computer, clean up an area of the house, etc.

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1/9/13 8:53 A

Should have mentioned...if I go for the hot chocolate I'll use water or skim milk, and sugar free cocoa mix. :)

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Posts: 1,523
1/9/13 8:52 A

Now that it's getting cold...I'll try to make a tea if I just want something, or a hot chocolate if I'm actually a little hungry.

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1/9/13 6:45 A

Here's an article you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

Posts: 106
1/9/13 5:49 A

Yeah, don't eat if it's just out of boredom. Do five minutes of exercise instead! Your boredom goes away and you get 5 more activity minutes.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with late night snacking if your hungry. I do it. Your body doesn't know what time it is, and if you are hungry or you haven't gotten enough of a particular needed nutrient, go for it. I work until 10pm so I usually eat a snack before I go to bed around 11. That's fine, but if it's just because you are bored...exercise that boredom away. Put on a song and spazz out to it in the kitchen, if you still want food afterwards, maybe you actually are hungry. :)

Posts: 6
1/9/13 4:00 A

we all probably do it or have done it... does anyone have any tips on how to deal with late night snacking.

I try to grab a yogurt, toast, nuts or a small bowl of cereal but I still feel guilty even if I dont go over my daily calorie intake.

I think in many cases its out of boredom not actual hunger

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