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4/21/12 7:56 A

Eat lots of whole grains, it works for me

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4/21/12 12:29 A

Have you tried weight lifting? Other than just eating more, which seems to not be working for you, that's probably your only option.

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4/20/12 8:35 P

When you are underweight you can still have problems (even though your labs may come back excellent or your doc says you are fine)

*you body has a hard time staying warm and you are freezing all the time (purple nails)
*dry skin and dull hair
* and the most important! Your tush hurts when sitting because it doesn't have enough fat.
*lack of concentration

Don't give up on trying to gain weight! I would really suggest logging your food for several weeks and taking them to your doc. You might have a problem with malabsorption. It took me months to go from 105-107.

Are you doing any exercises or on meds?

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4/20/12 10:16 A

So, I would just like to add that if you keep losing weight, please have a doctor continue to check it, and consider second opinions. My son was diagnosed with Crohn's disease (an IBD) a year ago; he had kept many of the symptoms to himself for months before finally telling his pediatrician and me, but one of the main ones was weight loss. Because of the inflammation in his GI tract, he was eating like a normal 13 year old (think, everything in sight), but was not only not gaining weight, but had lost 10 pounds in about 4 months.

He had to work hard to put the weight back on, and pretty much did what others have said here - peanut butter is your friend, nutella is also a good way to add calories without being too "junky". His dietician also suggested making milkshakes with whole milk, if you can tolerate it, and adding one or two instant breakfast packets to them - calories AND nutrition!

But truly, if you're weight is low and you can't gain, keep asking questions. My son had no pain, and even after his diarrhea was controlled with the first medication, he still had inflammation and was still continuing to lose weight, so sometimes the reason is not immediately obvious.

Good Luck!

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4/20/12 9:57 A

I would agree with others here that suggest that you continue to eat healthy foods, not junk. Working out and exercising might help, too since that may build muscle mass and increase your hunger.

I am also wondering why you want to gain weight? Is there a medical situation that actually suggests you are underweight or are you just comparing yourself to the BMI charts and cultural norms? Some people can be extremely healthy and not fit into the normal range of things. I am a little on the other extreme, but in order to get my BMI into the high end of 'normal weight' I would have to almost starve myself. Meanwhile, I have a BMI of 27 and am fitter than I have ever been and am training for a triathlon. Do I have 10-15 lbs of flab I could lose? Yes. but would I be fitter if I did? Probably not. I have a friend who is very tall and skinny. There is no way he will ever have a BMI above 20. You may just be someone who is most fit with a BMI of 18 instead of the standard 20-25. If there is a reason you want to gain weight that isn't medically driven, I would work on the motivation behind it rather than the actual weight change.

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4/20/12 9:34 A

I don't envy you. My brother joined the army at 5'5", and 139 lbs. They made him eat noodles, and meat. He would run 20 miles a day because he had nervous energy ( ADD ). He got past the behavioral problems, but still couldn't gain weight.

He had to eat 500 calories over his alloted calories, and once a week, he would go have burritos, and beer. Even then, he never made it much above 160. It was healthier than 139 though, and he could lift the same weights as I could when I was 215.

Eat healthy, just eat 10-20 % more. It was just as big a problem for my brother as it was for me to lose weight when I weighed 361. Eating so much made him feel horrible, and he didn't look forward to meals, while I obviously Both can be a problem. Hope you get a good plan, and it works.

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4/20/12 9:11 A

So I just want to start off saying that I envy you :) Haha, I'm hoping to be increasing my calories in about 2 months to start putting muscle back on that I've lost while trying to get rid of my fat. If you want to gain healthy weight I'd recommend eating 6oz servings of chicken breast and brown rice. The chicken will give you tons of lean protein while the brown rice or whole wheat pasta is great for complex carbs. Almonds and walnuts are great for healthy fats. Just 1oz of nuts has about 180 cals, 17 g fat, and 5 g protein. There is nothing wrong with hitting 60g of fat a day if it comes from those sources. Peanut butter is also a healthy mass gainer. Throw some on toast or a whole wheat bagel in the morning. Combine some strength training and that'll make sure the fat and protein go to building muscle and not get stuck in unslightly places. Good luck with this. I've heard of other people trying to gain weight and just eating greasy food that leaves them feeling uncomfortable which leads them to not eating the rest of the day. Good luck! And a few steaks and mashed potatoes won't hurt any thing either :)

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4/20/12 9:11 A

First, sometimes our bodies are just our bodies. To a large degree we are stuck with what genetics gave us. I was talking to my mom on the phone last night and she said that she will "never be skinny but she will be healthy". Meaning her whole life she has been slightly overweight but, into her 60s, is still rocking it! Woo! This is where we discovered she has a "large" frame size and i have a "small" one. Where did that come from?

Anyhow, it is hard to comment without a full knowledge of what you are eating. Unless there is some underlying medical condition (and you say there isn't), there is something going on with your food intake. There are various ways to come up with a caloric range to shoot for to GAIN weight and that is what you need to do. Treat it just like dieting (and it is dieting). For my weight and height, I would need to eat around 2300 calories a day to steadily gain weight. Every day, day in and day out, and I would need to eat a bit more on days that I exercised. This is what you need to do. Track your food intake and see where you are currently at, then make healthy (VERY IMPORTANT) but higher calorie choices. Avocados and brazil nuts for snacks and so on!

I found this site
, take that with a grain of salt. But also consider seeing a dietician to work out a healthy weight gain diet for you rather than taking medication that clearly seems to not work.

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4/20/12 8:00 A

i think my problem is different from almost everyone here. i wanna gain weight and its been always so hard for me. ive seen several doctors, ive tried some works for one or two months but then i lose it all again with no reason. ive done medical exams and aparently im healthy and nothing explains why is so hard for me to gain weight. any tips? thanks you

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