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11/17/13 7:47 P

Jenni - Thanks. for another list. Still almost all foods on the acceptable list of low carb foods.

MLance - Everyone has trouble sticking to ANY diet all the time. What really matter, is if you can stick to it for longer than you cheat on it. So I will eat low carb ( 30-60 carbs ), and about once a month, I will have a bad meal, and maybe once a year, that stretches into a prolonged cheat. So I gain weight at those times, and have to re-lose the weight. Overall though, I keep setting new lows, and pushing the weight down farther. Weight loss isn't linear, you just need to lose more than you gain back. I have lost about 3 lbs a month, but probably lost 500, and gained back 350. Just forget about a cheat meal, and restart the next meal. That prevents one bad meal from becoming one bad week, or month.

Thanks for saying I sound I must be faking that better than I thought. Truth is, I am just building as I learn, and at times I have to backtrack as I learn that I am A lot of times people take what I write as me putting forth information, and what I am really doing is stating an idea from my perspective, asking if it makes sense, and hoping for a dialogue, and different points of view, and maybe somebody will post something to help me understand things better, whether that be a confirmation of what I believe, or the opposite.

I will say that I have also gone through many forms of low carb, and ate meat, eggs, and butter, then started adding in some veggies after about a year, and then berries, and now beans. I had a lot of failures, as I tried to up my carbs, and these usually lead to cheats, as cravings return. However, each time I learn from that, and keep attempting to create a more diverse selection of carbs that I can eat, and push the limit of how many carbs I can eat. I seem to be okay under 60 grams a day, but it is more than just a number. I can trigger cravings at 20 grams a day, if I eat certain foods, but if I skip the few foods that trigger cravings, I can eat more carbs, and not have any issues. There are many factors that determine whether you will be successful on a diet, whether it be low carb, or low fat. Things are more complex than saying fat is bad, or carbs are bad.

Keep attempting low carb, if you think that will work for you, and pay attention to what foods you eat when you decide to just give in. Over time, you should be able to build up quite an extensive list of carbs to eat, that cause no problems. Of course, you may also find out that low carb is too restrictive for you, and something else may work better.

Just keep trying, and see what works. Then make adjustments. Hope you reach your goals.

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11/17/13 2:58 P

It wouldn't surprise me if the aches and pains that go away on a low carb diet are in part due to gluten intolerances. From what I've read that seems to be a common mention from those that avoid wheat in particular.

It's going in a different direction, but people that ground or earth will often report aches and pains improving or going away. The possible connection between the two, diet high in fat and earthing, might be found in Dr Jerry Tennant's book. He has some interesting ideas on the make up of cells, dietary antioxydants/ free radicals, acid/base, the charge of water, etc.

His book can be seen at:

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11/17/13 1:48 P

I don't know much about this topic but I do enjoy reading your post on here Russell because you seem very knowledgeable. I always lose weight when I keep my carbs under 80 grams per day but I have trouble sticking to it so you are a good motivator for me when I read what you write.

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11/17/13 1:00 P

Yeah, I tried looking up a few lists and was getting all sorts of answers for the top foods richest in antioxidants. I settled on this one from WebMD which is very different from the one you linked. In fact, they were all pretty different! It seems they agree on berries... hmmm.

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11/17/13 1:41 A

Jenni - the link I put up before was a video I watched. Sorry. I don't expect others to watch a 76 minute video.

I do, because while I am happy to be healthier, I like explanations as to why. So I spend way too much time discussing diet, and watching

As far as beans go.. By the way, there are many forms of low carb, and varying levels. I follow Atkins, so I will just comment on them as pertains to the book on the diet. As the diet progresses, you are supposed to move up in your allotment of carbohydrates. I have problem when I do so, but keep trying, but others move up to 80-120 grams a day and do fine.

Beans are added back in with legumes. After cheeses, seeds and nuts, berries, wine. I eat kidney beans in my chili most Wednesdays, and Sundays, with no issues. I have problems with peas for some reason, but am working on upping carbs to 60 grams a day, and some berries, plums, peppers, onion, green beans,mushrooms, tomatoes, and certain cheeses can help me get there. I can have these in varying quantities, based on my personal experience, but beans are not forbidden on Atkins at the very least.

The goal isn't to eat as low carb as possible, but to eat as many carbs as I can eat, and keep losing weight, and getting healthier. I WISH I could do that on ice cream, and macaroni an cheese, but alas, I So I enjoy the carbs I can have, and beans are something I can have a few times a week. Some people can eat beans more often, and even eat potatoes, and brown rice eventually. It isn't about hating carbs, but carbs hating

The scale goes all the way up to people doing well on 75% carbs, and being very healthy. I know I am very passionate in my support of low carb, but mostly, I just want to understand why things happen, especially if they are happening to me. The person thriving on a high carb diet is almost as interesting to me, because it proves that almost nothing is universal with nutrition, because it is so complex.

Thanks for letting me know beans are high in antioxidants. I am sure that any top ten list leaves off many things that arguably could be top ten, but that just makes for interesting debates. I'm guessing there are hundreds of foods high in antioxidants that we could eat, and we could argue any of them into the top ten list.

I just happened to see this list, and note how low carb most of the foods were, and how many are acceptable on low carb. It is almost identical to what you should eat on a low carb diet, and I am sure many of the other acceptable carbs are high in antioxidants.

I find that people start a diet for one sole purpose, and see numerous healthy benefits, especially if it causes weight loss. These are usually a surprise, and I was just considering if this disappearance of aches and pains was just a surprise benefit of the limited types of carbs being high in antioxidants on the diet. One not really intended, it just happens.

Beans did take a while for me to eat. I thought they would stall my weight loss, and just ate beef and tomatoes.. I like it better with multi-colored peppers, onions, and kidney

but it is always a balancing act for me, so I personally am not able to always eat these foods in the quantity I want to. Yes, this sucks, but the alternative is worse.

So to answer your question beans are limited for me ( 2 X a week ), but many low carbers don't have any issue, and if this is so, or if you thrive on higher carb, enjoy the beans. They aren't banned by most low carb plans, just a food that may be a problem. Some plans may ban them entirely, but I do not follow those

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11/17/13 1:05 A

sorry for the wrong link. This is a list of foods high in antioxidants

Becky.. yes we are always told to eat more fruits and veggies, but on a high carb diet, there are more options, and we all know that most people struggle to consume enough. In practice, they don't eat the way they are supposed to.. not the fault of the diet, but the reality of it.

On very low carb, your carb selections are very limited, but you have to eat SOME carbs, so you eat from a list that is almost identical to this one.. lots of berries, tomatoes, peaches/plums,peppers, kale/spinach, even cherries. Corn being the exception here.

One of the most common things for low carb dieters is that after a boost in energy, the next thing they notice is their aches and pains go away. I was just wondering if this is because the carbs allowed on a low carb diet are ones high in antioxidants.

I am not arguing that one couldn't get the same benefit, from eating these same foods on a low fat diet. Maybe just thinking it more likely that you would do so on a low carb diet, because macaroni, and cheese isn't an option. I would, and have chosen macaroni and cheese over

As you know from previous chats, I think we need a blend of low fat all the way down to low carb. Different diets work for different people. Antioxidants aren't unique to low carb foods. I am just asking about their effect on me, and people who follow a similar diet. If I was eating low fat, I would be asking it from that perspective.

I think that you would have to at least agree though, that if one wants to eat 50 grams of carbohydrate a day, their options are limited on a low carb diet, and if they ruled out foods high in antioxidants, it would be hard to consume enough carbs. This may be an accidental benefit for those following low carb, as long as they follow the diet, with increases in these types of foods.

I think one of the problems with people's perception of low carb, is that it means they can eat as much greasy meat, and eggs as possible, and THAT is low carb. Nine of the ten foods on this list are acceptable ( sorry corn! ). Your fruit/vegetable intake should go UP on low carb. If you thought of berries, peppers, spinach, or other healthy carbs when thinking low carb, instead of a steak swimming in butter, people would have a better opinion of low carb. One closer to what low carb actually is. Especially those eating over 60 grams a day.

I am obviously happy with low carb, but I am not trying to convince people to try low carb, just talking about how, if one is doing it, they may be able to do a healthier form of the diet. The fact that they could get the same benefit if they stuck to these carbohydrate selections on any other diet, is not being challenged.

I just think that as a low carber, that is where my focus is.. to explain why I am getting leaner, and more importantly for me.. healthier. I leave it up to others to point out that they could eat the same foods on any diet, since that is outside of my focus. Just like I don't expect other to champion low carb, I wish everyone on other diets success, and hope they also partake of these high antioxidant foods, and see the benefits, but since I have no plans to follow those diets, I don't think it is my job to point that out to them.

I feel that you will do that, and hopefully we all get healthier emoticon

11/16/13 5:46 P

All healthy weight loss plans, include an increase in fruits and/or veggies (over the amount that is typically consumed). Losing weight, eating more fruits and veggies----that clears up all kinds of aches, pains, inflammation, etc. It has to do with a healthy weight loss plan, not just one focused on low carb.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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11/16/13 4:01 P

I may be missing something here, I didn't watch the video... nor am I as knowledgeable in this realm as you are. Just a few questions; I'm not sure how this would be a benefit to low carb over other healthy diets?

I'm also not sure on the low carb stance on beans, it probably depends on the type of low carb diet but I imagine as a high carb food they are limited. Beans rank amongst the richest in antioxidants of all foods.

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11/16/13 2:45 P

Weight Watchers members report the same good feelings when they follow the WW diet - being able to drop medications, as approved by their doctors, better blood chemistry results and generally feeling better. This is probably due to weight loss. However, moderate exercise is also part of the WW diet lifestyle so that helps.

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11/16/13 10:23 A

As many here know, I follow Atkins, and feel great, while improving my health over the last 4.5 years. As a heart patient, I am told to eat foods high in antioxidants, to reduce inflammation, which isn't good, and can cause plaque build-up, and an assortment of other bad things.

I stick to pretty low carb, so my diet is limited, but I started to wonder what foods would be high in antioxidants, and if I could fit them into Atkins, especial at 10 % carb level.

So I googled foods high in

I was amazed to see that of the 10 foods, 9 are foods people on a low carb diet SHOULD be eating. No corn

I don't eat enough of these foods, due to being on coumadin ( less greens, no cherries ). I do get some spinach in my salads, and eat plums, and berries for fruit, and bell peppers sometimes in my chicken and veggie stir fries. I eat tomatoes every day though.

I still have to limit my greens ( spinach .. I do not eat kale, but romaine, which is probably also high in antioxidants ), so my blood doesn't get to thick, and cherries, which thins my blood, and causes nosebleeds,

Many people on low carb, say that their aches and pains go away, and they feel 10 years younger. I wonder if it is just that most of the acceptable carbohydrate foods on Atkins, tend to be high in antioxidants, which reduce inflammation. I eat 6 of these foods, and 9 of them are part of a low carb menu.

Anyone think that this may be one of the accidental benefits of low carb?

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