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Medscape is free, but you do have to register and set up the updates you want to receive, which is probably why your link didn't work. I know there is a way to share articles via e-mail but I am not sure about links.

Sugared soda or other drinks are one thing I have no problem avoiding, luckily.

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2/7/14 10:46 P

This synopsis isn't complete, but it should still give any of us more good reasons to make every effort to limit added sugars of any sort (even though the illustration in the article is on soda) in our diets.

This article on Medscape Specialties© derives from heartwire©

It refers to data analysed from three surveys conducted in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). It mentions several categories of increased risk factors of consuming added sugars in the diet, primarily aimed at cardiovascular disease.

Dr Quanhe Yang (Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA) and colleagues published the report February 3, 2014 in JAMA Internal Medicine.

According to this Medscape article, “the study projects that regularly drinking as little as one 12-ounce sugary soda a day may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease by about 30%—independent of total calories, obesity, or other risk factors.”

"Yang et al inform this debate by showing that the risk of CVD mortality becomes elevated once added sugar intake surpasses 15% of daily calories—equivalent to drinking one 20-ounce Mountain Dew soda in a 2000-calorie daily diet," Dr Laura A Schmidt (University of California, San Francisco) writes in an invited commentary . The risk rises exponentially as sugar intake increases, peaking with a fourfold increased risk of CVD death for individuals who consume one-third or more of their daily calories in added sugar, she adds.”

I hope anyone interested in reliable reporting can get access to the site. I get regular updates in my email - and always find at least one or two links worth following.


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2/7/14 10:26 P

Well, dang.
I don't subscribe to things I have to pay for, usually. I think this must have been a registration... but I'm not sure. I don't remember when I picked it up.

I will try to glean the pertinent bits out, maybe in paraphrase, and repost.
The site has many good bits of research and a wide variety of topics.
See if there's a way to register - it's worth it.

Meanwhile, I'm checking the repost.

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2/7/14 8:45 P

Your link is password protected.

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2/7/14 8:31 P

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