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LORIVIOLA SparkPoints: (79,815)
Fitness Minutes: (40,596)
Posts: 1,419
3/23/13 7:59 P

thanks. i thought it wouldnt take, but it did! yay! no longer annoyed. have a good day!

DIANE7786 SparkPoints: (85,141)
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3/23/13 7:30 P

No need to feel annoyed. Go to the page you are tracking. Near today's date there are arrows that take you to the date you need. Enter your information and your streak page will be updated.

LORIVIOLA SparkPoints: (79,815)
Fitness Minutes: (40,596)
Posts: 1,419
3/23/13 5:30 P

i did my streak stuff yesterday, but, couldnt go online to input it because i got home after midnight. grrrr.

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