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Thanks alot for you information!!! I do have weak ankles, I have sprained both since I was about 20 several times and the doctor said they would be weak. Have been trying to do some strengthening exercises but I think that is going to have to wait till the ankle gets better! It just hurts soooo bad! I did get me a new pair! Asics, susposed to be good for weak ankles, we will see! Thanks again!!!

1/24/13 8:27 P

From my own personal experience, be sure to buy your running shoes from an actual running store. They will watch your gate and select your shoes based off of that. After 15+ years of extremely sore swollen ankles after every run ( and nearly giving up on running) I finally had a running store fit me properly and my ankles have never once been sore again. I should mention though that all my other pairs of running shoes were from real running stores and were "fitted" for me, but something was obviously still missing. Maybe custom orthotics would help? That was going to be my next step but I ended up not needing to try it. Best of luck to you, I know just how frustrating this is.

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Running injuries can be quite complex because many times the source of the pain is not the cause of the pain. If you are still having swelling issues and are having to ice and use anti-inflammatory meds, it's time to see your doctor again.

Take care.

Coach Nancy

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Agreed, your doctor is the best place for you right now. After I sprained my ankle, my doctor told me that it would occasionally swell up. I would strongly recommend heading there and seeing what they advise; we can't really guess what might be causing your problems, nor what you should do about it.

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1/21/13 4:16 P

go see the doc again, it might be tendonitis, etc.
I hurt (also no sprain/twist, just pain and soreness that built up) by trying TKD one summer. Got chronic tendonitis that didn't go away until I basically stopped doing martial arts altogether for a year or so (and some PT). So go now, BEFORE it turns chronic.

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1/21/13 3:39 P

I have a 10k I have been training for that comes up in April. I printed me off a 12 week program. The first time I started it was in November, I was into my second week and my left ankle was just sore. Did not turn or twist it but 2 days later it swelled and doctor said it was sprained. Laid off the training till first of January and I am now starting my 4th week where I am susposed to be walking 2 minutes then running 3. My right ankle is starting swell. Been icing and taking Ibuprofin which seems to be working. Any suggestions for my ankles?


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