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GREBJACK Posts: 3,689
10/21/13 5:43 P

Thank you! I think it's just inside the psoas - the pectineus.

Thanks for the help.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 14,225
10/20/13 10:32 P

Probably the hip flexors.

An excellent resource for this type of question are the muscle body maps at


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10/20/13 8:57 P

the psoas?

GREBJACK Posts: 3,689
10/20/13 8:54 P

on the front of my hip that lifts my knee?

I did something to myself yesterday that made it painful to lift my right leg by the time I got home. It's not my quad, unless it's the tendon at the top of the quad. I feel the pain where my leg meets my torso, near my femoral artery, and up to where it attaches to my hip bone. It's mildly uncomfortable when I'm walking, painful enough to stop me from running, and at its worst when I try to lift my leg to put on or take off the leg of my pants or my right shoe. I didn't do anything strenuous yesterday, so I'm not sure how I injured it, but I'm hoping to search online and find out what I might have done and how to strengthen it so I won't hurt it in the future. Obviously, the search would be easier if I knew the name for the thing. Anybody know?


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