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Your body does indeed need carbs to function. It's your body's preferred fuel! Carbs are not going to cause weight gain if you're otherwise eating at a calorie deficit. Fats are also important... as long as you're getting the right kind.

If you have dropped in activity, you may not be burning as many calories as you were before; 4 lbs is still well within a normal fluctuation range. We can shift that much in a single day! If you just started exercising, that can also cause a temporary increase in weight as your body retains water to compensate.

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I am still healing after a car wreck. I had whiplash. I am just now allowed to do 20 minutes of low impact aerobics. I am confused about the amount of carbs and fats that I have to eat. Ever since I started eating the amount of carbs and fats each day, I have started gaining back some of the weight I had lost. I got down to 161 and have gone back to 165. I know that I am eating the right foods and the right proportions. I am living on chicken and fish, and I only have it baked. I do sometimes find that at the end of the day, I still need to eat carbs. Could eating at night be hurting? I just truly think that I do not need as many carbs as they suggest. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


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