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In the appendix in the back of the book, Richard Bernstein M.D. has a large article on PCOS. It is in his book "THE DIABETES SOLUTION." HE has lectures on YouTube. He explains why INSULIN RESISTANCE causes PCOS and why it is so difficult to lose weight when you have it. He recommends Metformin be taken since he says all obese people are Insulin Resistant and in time will develop Type 2 diabetes.

He's had Type 1 since he was 12 and he is 78 now. I got the book at the College Library. I recommend reading it and that article.

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this last year with my weight has been hectic. between being sick for 4 and a half months. i also was diagnosed with pcos. (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) if anyone else has it plz help me in learning more about it. with pcos most of the problems are due to weight so i am steping up my goal and will be in a week giveing up all pop. i also am looking into joining a gym membership otherwise my boyfriend and i will be working out to the work out dvd we got called the bigest looser.

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