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4/14/11 8:28 P

Yes, I think 1100 calories may be too low for someone of your height, age and especially if you are able to workout on MOST days of the week for 30-60 minutes.

What is the degree of this nutritionist? Anyone can call themself a nutritionist---with no college training. A Registered Dietitian however has 4 years of training, internship, passes a national exam, etc.

Lower calorie intakes may be apprpirate for some based on medical complications, --but they should be followed more closely by their doctor and dietitian.

ALSO, I think you have entered your weight in kilograms and therefore your ticker is showing you at over 400 pounds. You may want to go into your program and update everything to make sure it is all accurate.

Dietitian Becky

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4/14/11 8:15 P

Sometimes nutritionist will let people eat very few calories if they have a lot of weight to lose, since they usually don't have to worry so much about whether they losing muscle, fat, or water weight.

If you're active and exercising, then I think you're way too low on calories. Especially if you aren't taking any kind of supplements (like a multivitamin).

Enter all your info into Spark and see what is suggested to you for your calorie level.

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4/14/11 7:48 P

im 18, 5"9, 185lbs and this is an example of what i ate today .
i know the calorie intake is accurate because i carefully check all labels before i eat anything .

breakfast: protien bar, 180 calories.

snack: 1/4 cup of soy beans, 150 calories.

lunch: turkey sandwhich, lettuce on whole wheat 100-cal flatbread, 270 calories

snack: 1 kiwi, 50 calories.

dinner: 3 egg whites on a 100-cal bagel with one low fat cheese slice, 183 calories.

snack: protein bar, 180 calories

total: 1013 calories .

that seems like a lot of food right , but its only just over a thousand calories .

also, my nutritionist told me not to go over 1100 calories , is this safe?
im not trying to get into some fad diet, this is a major lifestyle change and i need to know if im hurting myself or if im okay .

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