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There is a hotline that you can contact and they can help you with this. Here's the website with their information and other resources: . At the very least, I would recommend talking with your guidance counselor. If she's not in her office, leave her a message and/or tell a teacher or other school official that you need to see the guidance counselor.

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6/18/13 12:11 P

I know this is a place mostly where people talk about eating habits and motivation but I didn't know where else to turn. I am a teenage girl with a brother who is almost two years older than me. He used to hit me and always has attitude when we talk and believes he is always right. Sometimes he gets physical and pushes me and he always calls me a b---- and other names when I do something he doesn't like.
A couple years back, there was a chicken nugget left in the mini oven and my mother told me I could have it, but he said "its mine." And I went for it anyways and he grabbed my arms and dug his fingernails into my skin so hard I bled and it stung cause the skin was ripped off. He used to hit me all the time but since we moved into a house and we don't sleep in the same room anymore, it doesn't really happen anymore. A couple of months ago there was a bit of left over KFC and I wanted it. He was like "you better share that with me." And I said no cause there was barely any, so he called me a fake b----, blocked the microwave, pushed me, and dumped my food in the sink.
Today, we were going home early from school. Our dad didn't know to call first and I thought he could just come in and pick us up. There was no service in the office and our dad just waited in the car. I went to the hallway to call but the principal was telling kids they couldn't be out in the hallways. My brother got mad, when he was just standing there looking pissed, doing nothing. And so I was like so why don't you do something?! And so he called our dad to call the school from the office phone. But in the car he was complaining about how it was my fault and how he was pissed that I gave him attitude when I said that. And he even said "Do you want me to turn punch you in the face?!" And we were arguing. But he gives attitude all the time and when I give a bit back, suddenly that's not okay. And my parents know about his attitude but they don't do anything.
They got him an iphone last week, after they said they couldn't afford it and they were thinking of down grading his phone. He went from a blackberry to an iphone. And I was shaking in my room after the car thing and I was crying. Am I being abused? What should I do? My mom sides with him, dad doesn't do anything, and the guidance councelor is never in her office.

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