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MIKEH1983 SparkPoints: (3,091)
Fitness Minutes: (1,022)
Posts: 14
4/2/14 7:07 A

Good on you for returning - good luck.

RASPBERRY56 SparkPoints: (237,437)
Fitness Minutes: (74,246)
Posts: 11,326
4/2/14 6:53 A

Welcome back!

REALLYHOPIN SparkPoints: (13,170)
Fitness Minutes: (4,770)
Posts: 1,263
4/1/14 6:54 P

welcome back!

I have also just recently gotten back to spark from a long hiatus.

Be good to yourself :)

CINDIE19561 SparkPoints: (10,851)
Fitness Minutes: (9,694)
Posts: 53
4/1/14 2:00 P

its great to be back on track with Spark People...I reached my goal for my wedding last september of wedding dress fit quite nicely. But....then I got too comfortable and went back to my old ways with potato chips and those yummy spicy noodles. Hate to admit but have to be honest...was eating those chips every single day and the noodles sometime twice a day.
I got up to 205lbs...started to find the arthritis in my knees getting worse again...always felt tired...we go to the Caribbean every January and well truth be told it hit me like a ton of bricks this time round...the amount of weight I husband said he never noticed...but I did...time to get back on track. Don't want to loose and be skinny skinny...I am going to be 58 years old in september and I just want to be comfortable. My goal is 185lbs for now. Once I get there...and I will get there...then I will decide if I want to loose a little more. I own both Spark People books...they help a lot and I just bought the Spark Activity road my exercise bike for 10 minutes is a start...I want to be able to play with my 10 wonderful grandchildren...and especially be able to play with my great grand baby....yes I am going to be a great grandma this august....I am so excited...well thats it for now...good luck to all...and "Keep On Keeping On"

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